Miley Cyrus Latest Celebrity To Be Hacked: Nude Photos Leaked Online

Celebrity hackers seem to be at it again and this time the nude photos that were leaked were of singer Miley Cyrus. Although Miley likes to wear risky clothes that sometimes show a lot of her skin, that is only ok when she wants it to happen. Of course, who would want their naked bodies posted all over the Internet? No one!

Cyrus isn’t the only celebrity to have their nude photos plastered all over the Internet. According to Elle, many other celebrities have been a victim of nude photos being stolen and leaked online. Last month, Amanda Seyfried had this happen to her. And, according to the website, the hackers are none other than Islamic extremists. They are taking risky photos when these celebrities don’t realize it is happening to them and they post them online for everyone to see.

Miley Cyrus newest celebrity nude photos hacking victum.
Miley Cyrus nude photos posted all over the Internet [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Emma Watson was a victim last month as well. Apparently, she was at a store trying on underwear in a fitting room and a hacker snapped a quick photo of her in her underwear without her knowledge. Then, the underwear photos were slapped online and shared all over the place. How sick are these people, right?

When it comes to the power of social media, Emma Watson stated that “equal parts are depressing and terrifying and equal parts are empowering and thrilling.” She is speaking of the parts of social media that are good and then the parts that are bad when someone posts naked photos of you all over social media and anywhere else they can try to get away with it.

Emma Watson nude photos hacked and posted online without her permission.
Emma Watson was also a victim of the celebrity photo hacking. [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

Also, Elle reports that earlier this year, a man from Chicago was put in prison for nine months for hacking and stealing the electronic accounts of 30 different celebrities. One of them was Jennifer Lawrence and she and the other 29 celebrities this happened to had personal videos and photos, some of them nude, stolen by this man. Although this was called a sex scandal against Jennifer Lawrence and the others, Lawrence said, “this isn’t a scandal, it’s a sex crime.” Yes, she is right; it really is a sex crime!

It seems the website these nude celeb photos are being posted on is called, ‘Celeb Jihad’ and it is the same exact one that posted the nude photos of Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, and many others. According to Metro News, the site has been taken down because of legal threats toward it. Miley has yet to announce whether or not she will be taking action against the hackers.

As mentioned above, earlier this year, although Emma Watson also got pictures taken of her in her underwear and although they were posted online for all to see, the rep for the star said that the pictures taken were not involved in the leak. This is after reports stated that they were involved.

Added to the ever-growing list of celeb pictures stolen and posted all over the Internet just a few days after Emma Watson, is the host of ‘This Morning’ Holly Willoughby. What is so mean about this one was that the hackers threatened to post the photos online for humiliation purposes only. However, a close source to Holly says that she was not involved in the leak either and was not fazed by this at all.

In other news, Harry Styles is under scrutiny right now for allegedly posting images of his ex-band-mate, Louis Tomlinson to his Twitter account, Metro News reports.

What do you think about all of this? Sound off with your thoughts on these hackers posting explicit photos of these celebs online and let us know your thoughts!

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]