EXID Explains Why They Are So Amazed By International K-Pop Fans Singing Korean Lyrics To ‘Up & Down’

Exceed in Dreaming, better known in the K-pop community as EXID, just recently made their K-pop comeback for 2017 with their third EP, or mini-album, titled Eclipse, featuring the hit song “Night Rather Than Day.” It officially released on April 10 at midnight KST. Since then, its been making its rounds online. The music video for “Night Rather Than Day” has over 73,000 views, and EXID is busy working on post-release promotions.

During one of their promotions, EXID revealed something interesting pertaining to international K-pop fans claiming they are amazed by them. Actually, they admitted they are surprised many of them were able to sing their songs, which includes Korean lyrics. This is especially true for their breakout hit song “Up & Down.”

Banana Culture Entertainment group teaser for EXID's 'Eclipse.'
EXID's latest K-pop comeback is known as 'Eclipse.' It features title track song 'Night Rather Than Day.' [Image by Banana Culture Entertainment/EXID's Official Daum Cafe]

EXID opened up about their international K-pop fans during a guest appearance on SBS PowerFM’s 2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show, as reported by Korean news outlet Naver. LE, who is probably acting as leader while Solji is absent, provided insight on EXID’s international activities along with the amazement towards international fans.

“We haven’t had many chances to meet our international fans yet. Although we don’t have any concrete plans at the moment, we are looking forward to new chances to meet fans from all over the world.

“Our international fans know the lyrics to ‘Up and Down’ and often sing along to us when we perform.”

Junghwa jumped in to add in another important detail about their international fans that LE left out. Apparently, the biggest reason why EXID is amazed by their international K-pop fans is the fact that they are dedicated in singing the music, which also includes the Korean lyrics, even though they might not know what it means initially.

“It’s not only ‘Up and Down.’ Our fans sing along to many of our other songs. I am intrigued that they know the Korean lyrics.”

International K-pop fans, especially those who are L.E.G.G.O. (official fan club of EXID), must be happy that EXID looks so fondly upon them thus providing their love and support. EXID will need that love and support as they continue onward with post-release promotions as Eclipse and its song, “Night Rather Than Day,” making this K-pop comeback unique.

For starters, “Night Rather Than Day” kind of strays away from the sexy concept, something that EXID has been using for their past four songs “Up & Down,” “Ah Yeah,” “Hot Pink,” and “L.I.E.” Actually, the music video for “L.I.E.” went too far with the sexual innuendo, resulting in it not being favorable among most Koreans. In short, EXID needed “Night Rather Than Day” to be successful as it not only goes a different direction, but saves them from being pigeon-holed into sexy concepts.

Solji of EXID
Solji, the leader of EXID, could not participate in the 2017 K-pop comeback with 'Eclipse' due to her health issues. [Image by Banana Culture Entertainment/EXID's Official Daum Cafe]

Second, EXID is technically leaderless as Solji is unable to participate in this comeback due to health issues. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, the excess production of the thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland, which forced Solji to put her career on hold. They found her condition when Solji went to the doctor for symptoms of fever and exophthalmos (bulging eyes). Hyerin has been covering Solji’s parts during her absence.

After another week, K-pop fans will see just how well Eclipse, featuring “Night Rather Than Day,” will do. Until then, K-pop fans can do what they can to help show their love and support for EXID by voting for them during music show competitions and sharing their music. For some reason, it seems as if K-pop fans are not as interested in EXID’s recent K-pop comeback. International fans, the ones EXID are amazed at, can change that situation by voting for EXID during music show competitions and sharing their music by spreading it through social media.

[Featured Image by Banana Culture Entertainment/EXID’s Official Daum Cafe]