‘Fate Of The Furious’ After-Credits Scene: Is There A Glimpse Of The Next Installment Hidden At The End?

Those heading out to see Fate of the Furious will want to know if there’s an after-credits scene to keep them in their seats a little longer and possibly give a glimpse of yet another addition to the series.

The Fast & Furious franchise has been well-known for adding some very important scenes after all the credits have ended. While many movies insert a scene after the credits to add a final bit of levity or wrap up a secondary plot line, the Fast & Furious series often added some major plot twists in these final scenes.

For those not up to date on the trend, the after-credits scene is one that plays after all the credits have finished rolling. These are normally about a minute or less, something of a reward for viewers willing to hunker down and wait through five to seven minutes of credits.

As ComicBook noted, the some of these after-credits scenes in the Fast & Furious series were pivotal in pushing the series forward.

“If you recall, it was revealed that Letty was still alive in the scene that followed Fast Five. After Fast & Furious 6, fans got introduced to Deckard Shaw, and learned he was the man behind Han’s death. Furious 7 didn’t include one of these scenes, but that was largely due to the Paul Walker tribute that ended the film.”

So, will Fate of the Furious follow the same trend and include a major after-credits scene?

[Warning: Some light Fate of the Furious spoilers are ahead.]

This time, there’s no reason to stay until the very end, as Fate of the Furious has no after-credits scene. But that doesn’t mean there’s no payoff at all. As screenwriter Chris Morgan said in an interview with Variety, there are already plans for a new trilogy and the series conclusion is clear in Morgan’s mind.

“I can’t speak about that specifically, but Vin [Diesel] and I have talked about all the story points and areas we’d like to get into,” Morgan said. “I have a crystal clear image of what the last scene of the franchise needs to be and we’re working to get there.”

As ComicBook noted, the final scene of Fate of the Furious itself is a great lead-in for the next movie in the series, so there was no need for an extra scene after the credits ended.

Still, fans of the series might be a bit disappointed that there’s nothing to see after the credits ended. The last movie in the series, Fast & the Furious 7, had a very famous scene at the end of the movie, though not exactly after the credits. Because Paul Walker died before filming could be completed, the series gave his character a touching send-off and a goodbye with Vin Diesel’s character.

There could be a huge audience for Fate of the Furious, even if there’s no end-credits scene. Box office predictions put the movie somewhere in the $110 million range for its opening weekend, which would put it close to the top ever for the franchise.

There’s already a strong start through international debuts, Deadline noted.

“Universal’s The Fate Of The Furious has roared off the starting block. In eight offshore markets on Wednesday, it put $7.9M in the international box office tank. Include previews in 12 others and that figure rises to $19.7M,” the report noted.

“Meanwhile in China, weekend pre-sales totaled $43.5M two hours before Thursday midnights began. That is an all-time record.”

So while there may not be an after-credits scene in Fate of the Furious, there is at least one advantage for moviegoers — a bit of a head-start to the exits once the credits start to roll.

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