April 13, 2017
'Kindred Spirits' Season 2: Amy Bruni, Adam Berry Return This Fall To Resolve Lizzie Borden Murder Mystery

Kindred Spirits Season 2 will air this fall, with Amy Bruni and Adam Berry seeking a resolution to the Lizzie Borden murder mystery.

The Herald News shared recently that Kindred Spirits investigators, Amy Bruni, 40, and Adam Berry, 34, set up their "ghost-catching gear" inside the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, located in Fall River, Massachusetts.

This is a first, according to the report, because Bruni and Berry usually investigate people's homes on Kindred Spirits in order to find a resolution to paranormal activity, which always includes doing some background research on the property.

For Season 2 of Kindred Spirits, Amy Bruni and Adam Berry attempt to finally resolve the nearly 125-year-old case of Lizzie Borden and the axe murders of her father and stepmother at their family home in Fall River.

While Amy and Adam aren't the first ghost-hunting team to investigate the Lizzie Borden house, they are the first paranormal investigators to try to find a "new twist" in the case.

According to Bruni, "there's a reason we're here," referring to the "new paranormal plot" they hope to uncover for Kindred Spirits Season 2 through research, sleeping there, and keeping cameras and other equipment going 24 hours a day.

The ghost-hunting duo plans to keep any secrets they find to themselves, at least until the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast episode of Kindred Spirits airs in the fall for the second season.

Last month, Week in Weird announced that TLC officially renewed Kindred Spirits for Season 2, following a successful run of Season 1, which first aired on TLC in October of 2016, with seven one-hour episodes.

Fans of Amy Bruni and Adam Berry fell in love with Season 1 of Kindred Spirits, and not even a week after the last episode of Season 1 aired in December of 2016, fans were already asking on social media if there might be any news of Kindred Spirits Season 2.

Although there's not an official Facebook fan page for Kindred Spirits, Amy Bruni keeps fans updated via her personal Facebook account, and shared last month that Kindred Spirits was "looking for new paranormal cases in the New England area" for Season 2.

Since Amy Bruni is from Westport and Adam Berry is from Provincetown, the two usually only investigate homes in the New England area for Kindred Spirits, a trend that led them to the Lizzie Borden house for a Season 2 episode.

Bruni and Berry executive-produce Kindred Spirits together, after leaving Syfy's Ghost Hunters -- also, together -- in May of 2014. The Huffington Post reported on their departure from Ghost Hunters, saying that they "were leaving the unscripted paranormal reality show to pursue their own ghosty projects," which turned out to be more than one season of Kindred Spirits.

Fans were saddened and shocked to see Bruni and Berry exit Ghost Hunters after investigating haunted locations together for four years, from 2010 to 2014. But Week in Weird announced in September of 2016 that the duo had been picked up for Kindred Spirits, adding that "fans of the dynamic duo have clamored for them to return" to the small screen.
"The duo leave no stone unturned as they attempt to crack the case and help bring peace to both the restless spirits and the families they haunt."
Cracking the Lizzie Borden case was exactly what Amy Bruni and Adam Berry hoped to do when they investigated the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast earlier this month.

However, fans will just have to tune in for Season 2 of Kindred Spirits this fall on TLC to find out if Bruni and Berry were able to uncover any new theories surrounding the 1892 axe murder mystery, other than "Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks," as lyrics to the popular nursery rhyme read, according to a summary of the well-known case on History.

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