Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Return To SUR, Speak Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Spinoff On Twitter

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s Vanderpump Rules spinoff series was announced earlier this week and shortly thereafter, the Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky stars returned to SUR Restaurant.

On April 12, Brittany Cartwright seemingly confirmed she had returned to her waitressing gig at the West Hollywood hotspot when she took to Twitter to share a photo of herself wearing her SUR attire outside of the venue.

A short time later, Jax Taylor confirmed with his own fans on Twitter that he too would be returning to the restaurant this week. “See you guys tomorrow night!!!” he wrote to his fans and followers, also adding the hashtag, “drink slinger.”

In the days since Vanderpump Rules: Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky was announced, Jax Taylor has been bombarded by fans who want to know when his new series will be airing. Unfortunately, he hasn’t yet received that information from Bravo. So, in response to a couple of curious fans, the SUR restaurant bartender encouraged viewers to frequently check Bravo TV’s official website for more information.

Rumors of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s potential spinoff first began swirling in October of last year, around the time of the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 premiere. However, it wasn’t until days ago when Bravo TV made the news official with a statement about the show.

“Set to premiere this summer, the half-hour series follows bad-boy bartender Jax Taylor and his southern belle girlfriend Brittany Cartwright as they head on vacation, leaving the comfortable confines of Los Angeles to visit her family on their Kentucky farm,” the statement read.

“Ditching his signature chunky sweater for overalls, city-boy [Jax Taylor] is the ultimate fish out of water as he tries to embrace the southern lifestyle and make a lasting impression on her family and friends,” the statement concluded.

Jax Taylor began dating Brittany Cartwright in 2015 after splitting from former girlfriends Tiffany Matthews and Carmen Dickman. As fans of the show will recall, Taylor attempted to juggle the ladies during Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules before ultimately settling down with Brittany Cartwright during Season 4.

Shortly after the couple began dating, Brittany Cartwright packed up her belongings in her hometown in Kentucky and drove to Los Angeles where she moved in with Jax Taylor and attempted to get a job at SUR Restaurant. Although Lisa Vanderpump didn’t initially hire Cartwright to her staff, she had a change of heart ahead of Season 5 and gave her a job as a waitress.

Right after the fifth season of Vanderpump Rules premiered, Jax Taylor spoke of how it was working with his girlfriend at the restaurant.

“The idea of her working with me, at the beginning was good, but when you live together and you work together [and] you hang out together it gets to be a bit much. I love my girlfriend very much, but you know when you spend that much time you start to get some wear and tear. I’ve been at SUR for five or six years now. I feel like the bar is mine. If we do work the same days, she goes in the restaurant. We try to make that work,” he said. “It’s tough because we hang out together. We have the same friends. It’s just really tough.”

To see more of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, tune into the third installment of the Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion special on Monday, April 17, at 8 p.m. on Bravo TV and check out the trailer for Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky below.

[Featured Image by Charles Sykes/Bravo]