‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Multiplayer APEX Mission Continues The Remnant Investigation, Adds New Equipment

Each weekend a new APEX multiplayer mission begins for Mass Effect: Andromeda players. Last week, the Remnant Investigation began when a new character was introduced to the roster and APEX members were tasked with finding out more about Remnant faction. Today, APEX Mission 04 extends the investigation with a modified Firebase Sandstorm map and new additions in the multiplayer store.

This weekend, APEX teams will have to stop a few Outlaws from getting their hands on important Remnant technology. In the “Those Alien Artifacts Aren’t For You” mission, players will find themselves on a slightly different version of Firebase Sandstorm according to the Mass Effect: Andromeda website.

Mass Effect: Andromeda APEX weekend mission, new items
For this mission, players will head to Firebase Sandstorm [Image by BioWare]

The bronze difficulty mission is worth 10 Mission Funds and offers 10 percent more experience and credits than other bronze missions. The Firebase Sandstorm map does have a few hazards, though. Players’ mettle will be tested with 25 percent less power damage and 25 percent less maximum power resources.

“Researchers at this sweltering outpost develop strategies and equipment to mitigate the desert’s damaging effects on armor, weapons, and shuttles. Their collected data would provide a valuable strategic advantage to anyone operating in the searing heat and coarse sand of the Heleus Cluster’s desert worlds. In this mission, players must navigate Firebase Sandstorm in the midst of dark and cloudy skies.”

In APEX Mission 04, players will work against the Outlaw faction as they are attempting to steal important Remnant items. Over the standard seven waves, players will fight Outlaw with a new objective presenting itself on waves three and six. On the objective waves, players will need to locate Remnant technology on the map, take a moment to pick it up, and then move it to the drop off locations. The objective is complete when this is done four different times.

Two pieces of equipment are also available for a limited time alongside the new mission. The uncommon Adaptive War Amp is still in the multiplayer store and the rare Combatives Upgrade is now available. The Adaptive War Amp costs 70 Mission Funds and increases biotic powers by 15 percent. The Combatives Upgrade increases assault rifle and pistol damage by 10 percent. It costs 120 Mission Funds to purchase. Players can buy both these pieces of equipment from the store section of the multiplayer interface.


The latest APEX mission in Mass Effect: Andromeda expands on last week’s mission “These Beautiful Killer Robots.” Although the mission was retired at the end of weekend, the new Salarian Architect character and Inferno sniper rifle were permanently added to multiplayer packs. As noted on the game’s official website, the Salarian Architect summons his own Remnant VI bot while using Incinerate to burn foes or temporarily take cover behind Barricade.

The multiplayer mode for Mass Effect: Andromeda is currently updating each weekend with a new mission and often new items. As the Inquisitr reported, both the single player and multiplayer aspects of the title were patched last week. In the campaign, many facial animations were improved alongside improvements to eyes on asari and human characters. Other changes, like the reduction of decryption key costs, were also implemented.

Mass Effect: Andromeda weekend APEX mission on Firebase Sandstorm
The Salarian Architect can most commonly be found in the Premium Pack for 100,000 credits [Image by BioWare]

The most recent patch to Mass Effect: Andromeda also addressed many multiplayer issues as well. The Outlaw faction’s overall difficulty was increased while several Remnant units were also tuned. Several assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles were also adjusted in the update. For the full list of multiplayer changes, visit the BioWare blog for more information.

Although multiplayer balance changes only affect players in that mode, the addition of new APEX missions benefits players of both the campaign and multiplayer. APEX missions and other objectives can be completed by Strike Teams. These NPC units are groups of characters that can be recruited in the single player and multiplayer modes. Mass Effect: Andromeda players can send them on new APEX missions to find gear, research data, and other items for Ryder.

[Featured Image by BioWare]