WWE News: Matt Hardy Using Multiple Gimmicks On WWE TV And Twitter — Broken And Version 1

When the Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, everyone wondered what kind of gimmick they would perform under and two weeks later, it is still hard to tell. Matt Hardy still has the blonde streak in his hair and is wearing his “Broken” attire. Jeff Hardy, on the other hand, has reverted back to his old Team Extreme gear. The main issue is with Matt, and whether on WWE television or Twitter, it isn’t clear which gimmick he wants to use.

The moment TNA Impact Wrestling and the Hardy Boyz officially went their separate ways, fans were hoping for a WWE return. About a month later, it actually happened but it wasn’t the same Broken Hardys that fans had fallen in love with over the last couple of years.

The legal battle between Matt Hardy and TNA is still going on as of now, and that is why his appearances on WWE television have been very interesting. There are times he very much acts like the “Broken” version in Impact Wrestling, but then, there are other times he bounces back to his Matt Hardy Version 1 days.

wwe news matt hardy gimmicks version 1 broken jeff
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Fans who have been watching WWE the last few weeks have noticed that Matt still has the streak in his hair and often times does his “Broken” actions. Fans keep chanting “DELETE” when he and Jeff are in the ring which will lead to Matt waving his arm across his body in the popular motion.

Other times, Matt reverts back to the days of the Version 1 gimmick which goes all the way to the years of 2001 until about 2004. As he continues to flip back and forth between gimmicks on TV, Wrestling Inc. has noticed that he is doing it on social media as well.

Recently, Matt tweeted out the upcoming WWE events that he and his brother would be appearing at.

Less than 15 minutes later, Matt tweeted out the exact same information, but he did it in the style and voice of a “Broken” Hardy.

Fans honestly didn’t know what to think about his flipping back and forth between gimmicks as they wanted to know which one he would be doing. Some thought he was going to stay “broken” while others saw him as “extreme” and many wondered if he was going to be “version 1.”

Finally, a fan just flat out told Matt Hardy that he was having issues figuring out which gimmick he wanted to play and the current Raw Tag Team Champion responded.

It isn’t known if WWE is going to ever allow the Hardy Boyz to go back into their very popular gimmick from TNA Impact Wrestling, but if so, all legal obstacles will need to be cleared first. Vince McMahon is not going to get into the middle of something like that for a gimmick he never had any control over in the first place.

wwe news matt hardy gimmicks version 1 broken jeff
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Fans would love to see the Broken Hardys in WWE, but it really may not matter as everyone just loves having them back anyway.

The Hardy Boyz are back in WWE and it is a great feeling of nostalgia for wrestling fans around the world, but what will Matt do exactly? It certainly appears as if TNA Impact Wrestling has a bit of a stranglehold on the “Broken” gimmick, but Matt is walking the line between it and Version 1. Jeff Hardy has reverted back to his Team Extreme days, but it certainly does look as if the promotion is going to have Matt tottering back and forth between gimmicks.

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