Woman Accused Of Decapitating Ex-Boyfriend’s Mother

Thirty-five-year-old Rachel Hilyard was arrested recently and is facing first-degree murder charges after it was alleged that she was involved in decapitating her ex-boyfriend’s mother, 63-year-old Micki Davis.

Police say that last Sunday afternoon, Hilyard flew into a rage and began decapitating her ex-boyfriend’s grandmother and attacking her with a knife in the garage of her Kansas home. One of her neighbors says he is still in shock over the incident, as he had just had Hilyard at his house to help her find her her missing cell phone, about one hour before the alleged incident occurred.

The victim of Hilyard’s alleged decapitating incident was the grandmother of Hilyard’s own 9-year-old son, who she shares with the victim’s son. In fact, it was Davis’ grandson who called 911 after witnessing the altercation between the two that reportedly resulted in Davis’ death.

Elderly Woman Smiling with Glasses
Micki Davis, the alleged victim of decapitation. [Image by Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office]

A spokeswoman for the Wichita Police Department weighed in on the child’s involvement in the murder.

“Her 9-year-old grandson … he ran away from the house and called the police while the physical attack was happening. He did not see his grandma’s death, or the decapitation,” she said.

Police say they are unsure what weapon Hilyard allegedly used in decapitating her ex’s mother, but they believe it to be a sharp object like a knife.

Gail Emily, one of Hilyard’s neighbors, said she heard two females screaming at one another around 1 p.m., which would have been the time of the alleged murder. She said she was out gardening when the voices were heard from over the fence, but she did not think they were alarming enough to make a call to 911.

Hilyard’s neighbor, Brad Stebens, whom the family has known for about eight years, said he was in shock upon hearing the news.

“Oh, my God. That (a decapitation) takes a level of rage. I’m still trying to piece it together myself, because it doesn’t make any sense,” he told a local news outlet.

According to other neighbors of Hilyard, she was frequently in trouble with the law, though nothing to the extent of this accused crime. Police cars, they said, often showed up at her house, and she is on record at the police department for having been caught with meth and marijuana, among other substances.

Woman with nail polish holding onto jail cell
Hilyard is incarcerated on a $200,000 bond. [Image by Ztranger/Thinkstock]

She has been arrested and has been placed on a $200,000 bond, though it is unclear if she is speaking to a lawyer or ready to go to trial.

Mickie Davis’ nephew, Casey Wallace, spoke out about the incident and the alleged murder of his aunt.

“She’s going to be incarcerated for the rest of her days. I hope she just sits in that jail and thinks about that. Hope it eats her alive. And I hope Micki’s at peace. I’m just glad that little boy didn’t see all that,” he said.

Currently, Micki Davis’ son and ex to Hilyard is in jail on unrelated charges and has no involvement in the decapitating of his mother. His charges include aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal damage to property, fleeing and eluding authorities, and a slew of other charges.

It is unclear who will take care of their 9-year-old son now that both parents are in jail, or if he will have to enter the foster system until one parent is released.

Regardless of whether Hilyard is guilty of the crime, this certainly presents a sad situation for the young boy who lost his grandmother and mother within the span of one week and now has an unknown fate.

[Featured Image by Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department]