‘RHOBH’ Kim Richards Admits She Dated Donald Trump, But What Other Rich Men Did She Audition?

On the reunion for the current season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, an odd question came up about former cast member, and now “friend” of the cast, Kim Richards. Andy Cohen asked Kim if it was true that she dated Donald Trump. Kim Richards seemed less than thrilled to be asked details about her relationship with Trump, as she squirmed on the sofa.

So while Donald Trump fits the pattern of men in Kim’s past (old, white, rich), it doesn’t seem like Kim’s date with Trump went anywhere. However, a quick look into the past reveals a list of the men that she dated, got engaged to, and had children with, including the recently deceased Monty Brinson, Kim’s first husband, who was seen on RHOBH. Kim’s fans and family worried for her as Monty moved in with Kim during his battle with cancer. Moreover, though Kim divorced Brinson to marry her second husband, she says she considered him the love of her life.

So while Donald Trump has all of the qualities that Kim Richards seems to look for in a man, and Richards as a petite blonde has what Trump looks for in a woman, it doesn’t sound like the relationship between the former RHOBH star and Trump went much past dinner dates.


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But Andy Cohen, host of the RHOBH reunion, pushed Richards, who seemed to want to talk about almost anything else but President Trump. Richards tried to cut Cohen off as soon as he brought it up.

“Let’s not get into it.”

However, fellow RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump jumped in and wanted details. She asked for a rating on the date, and then point blank asked if Richards had sex with Donald Trump. Kim Richards put her foot down.

“I don’t want to talk about the president.”

Former child star Kim Richards has four children with three different men, and she was married to two of them, says Heavy. Kim Richards was still in her teens when she married Monty Brinson, supermarket heir and professional poker player, and had her daughter, Brooke. She then reportedly left Brinson for the wealthier Gregg Davis, son of petroleum mogul Marvin Davis, and they had two children, Whitney and Chad, but divorced in 1991.

Kim then had daughter Kimberly Jackson with boyfriend John Jackson, but the two never married. Kim is now a grandmother at the age of 52. Much has been made of Kim Richards’ mother, Kathy Dugan, or “Big Kathy” pushing her daughters at a very young age to land older, wealthy men, and Donald Trump would have fit Kathy’s demands perfectly, according to biographer Jerry Oppenheimer, says the Daily Mail.

Oppenheimer says it was Big Kathy who convinced Kim to leave millionaire Monty Brinson for billionaire Gregg Davis in his book House of Hilton, which lays out the lives of Kim Richards, her sister Kyle who also had her first child at 19, and their half-sister, Kathy Hilton. Oppenheimer says that Big Kathy was a stage mother and a gold digger, who married several times herself. He also claims that Big Kathy had Kim “perform” for older male friends.

“And many of Kim’s issues can be attributed to her upbringing by a driven, dysfunctional stage mother, the late Kathy Dugan, who drank heavily, had many men in her life, several marriages, and was considered a ‘gold digger’ who demanded that her daughters – Kim, Kathy and Kyle – marry rich men.”

It’s unclear when in the timeline of Kim Richards’ dating history Donald Trump fits in, but it sounds like it is something that Richards wants to keep in the past.

Can you imagine Kim Richards as the First Lady, alongside Donald Trump?

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