Chelsea DeBoer Talks True Crime: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Gives Her Take On Casey Anthony Case

Chelsea DeBoer is a famous reality star herself, as she has filmed 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 for years. Chelsea has documented her journey as a single mother to little Aubree, as she gave birth to her when she was just a teenager. Over the years, fans have seen her struggle with her love-hate relationship with Adam Lind, and these days, she’s married to Cole DeBoer and recently gave birth to her second child. But just because DeBoer is known for being on television doesn’t mean she isn’t keeping up with what’s happening in the news and the world.

According to a new set of tweets, Chelsea DeBoer watched a documentary special that featured the case of Casey Anthony. Of course, Anthony was the primary suspect in her daughter’s disappearance several years ago. When her daughter’s body was found, Anthony was charged with her murder because of the way she acted the days after her daughter’s disappearance. But when she was tried in court, she was found not guilty. When Investigation Discovery aired a special this week, Chelsea used her social media following to discuss the case.

“George Anthony calling out what he really thinks happened. Glad he doesn’t hold back his thoughts #caseyanthony,” Chelsea DeBoer tweeted on the social network as she watched the Investigation Discovery special about Anthony.

“I still can’t believe the jury found her not guilty I also have so much respect for George,” one person tweeted back to Chelsea DeBoer, while another added, “Fascinating! But there goes sleeping tonight! Haha I have officially gone down a dark hole of Reddit reading.”

Of course, Anthony’s parents were supportive of their daughter when she was first arrested, and they tried everything possible to find the answer as to what happened. During the special, it was clear that her father George is upset with his daughter, while her mother Cindy seems to support her daughter no matter what. And he may have a reason to be upset with her daughter, as her lawyers pointed the blame on him during her trial. And Chelsea DeBoer decided to share her disgust on social media over the case.

“Unlike her mom. Cindy. Womaaannnnnn. You are in denial,” Chelsea DeBoer later revealed about Anthony’s mother, and it sounds like people agreed with her, as one person chimed in, “Either in serious Denial or she knew and helped her daughter cover it up either way, she’s nuttier than a squirrel turd!”

These days, DeBoer may be on maternity leave with her son, Watson Cole, and it sounds like she enjoys watching this case on television, as she’s caring for her son. And as a new parent, Chelsea may find herself being tied to the couch, as she’s breastfeeding and caring for her new son. Plus, DeBoer is also caring for her daughter Aubree, who is busy with school. And one can imagine she loves being a big sister. However, it is possible that Aubree is asleep when Chelsea DeBoer watches the Investigation Discovery, as she’s too young to watch a special about this murder case, which shocked the country a few years ago.

“I still can’t believe the jury found her not guilty I also have so much respect for George #caseyanthony,” one person wrote to Chelsea, who wrote back, “Ugh. It is so insane. We have been watching the ID channel about it the last couple days. I remember watching the trial while it was on.”

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer’s tweets about the Casey Anthony case? Do you think Casey committed the crime and are you surprised that Chelsea knows so much about the case?

[Featured Image by MTV]