How Victoria Beckham Has Introduced Five-Year-Old Harper To ‘Brand Beckham’

Victoria Beckham has introduced her daughter, Harper, to “Brand Beckham” at a very early age. The former Spice Girls singer and fashion designer has registered her 5-year-old daughter’s name as a trademark.

Harper may not yet realize the magnitude of the popularity that Brand Beckham and her celebrity family enjoys, but nonetheless, her mother, Victoria Beckham, has registered her name as a trademark.

Harper joins her three brothers — 18-year-old Brooklyn, 14-year-old Romeo, and 12-year-old Cruz — who are also now officially part of Brand Beckham, whose profits reached nearly $50 million earlier this year.

Unless Harper follows in her superstar footballer father’s footsteps and goes into sports, the daughter of David and Victoria Beckham is now able to enjoy a career within Brand Beckham by using her name as a brand for products, which could include toys, makeup, and clothes.

Harper’s name has also been registered by David and Victoria Beckham for use in the entertainment industry if the 5-year-old chooses to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a singing or acting career as she gets older.

David registered his own name as a trademark in 2000, while his wife registered two years later, in 2002. Brand Beckham is spreading like a wildfire in the consumer market.

According to a source cited by the Sun, Brand Beckham is “back in full swing,” noting that “Brooklyn-branded cameras” could soon become a thing – or smartphones branded as Harper.

Even though David and Victoria Beckham have always said that they want their kids to be raised normally, it doesn’t seem as if having your name trademarked for a multi-million dollar brand at the age of 5 is considered to be “normal” for most kids nowadays.

The name Harper Beckham was registered by Victoria Beckham with intellectual property authorities in Britain and Europe. The trademark application filed by the fashion designer says that Victoria, who turns 43-years-old this coming Monday, is the holder of Harper’s rights as her parent and guardian.

That means that Victoria Beckham, whose Brand Beckham is now worth half a billion dollars, is currently the only person who can use the name Harper Beckham on products.

It also means that no one in the entertainment industry – including the music, film, and television industries – can now call themselves Harper Beckham, according to BBC News.

Harper was named by David and Victoria Beckham after renowned author Harper Lee, who penned Victoria’s favorite book, To Kill a Mockingbird, which was adapted into a hit film in 1962.

It’s as yet unclear what career Harper will pursue when she gets older, but the other kids of David and Victoria Beckham have already shown achievements in certain areas.

Eighteen-year-old Brooklyn, who is also officially part of Brand Beckham, has been busy pursuing a photographer career, with his debut photography book, What I See, set to be released in late June.

The youngest son of David and Victoria Beckham, 12-year-old Cruz, is pursuing a music career, while 14-year-old Romeo seems to be adamant about following in Victoria’s footsteps and becoming a model.

All four kids of David and Victoria Beckham are now officially part of Brand Beckham, which means no one will be able to steal their names as trademarks.

Over the years, Brand Beckham has grown beyond a retired footballer and his family. Brand Beckham is now a fully-fledged empire that generates about $30 million per year, and its profits are growing by the year.

While registering her daughter Harper’s name as a trademark is a legally smart idea, not everything Victoria has done lately has been legally smart.

Victoria Beckham reportedly infuriated her former Spice Girls bandmates by using their classic hit “Spice Up Your Life” to promote her new collection for retailer Target.

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