Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Dating: Couple Finally Ready To Stop Hiding Their Love

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been dodging dating rumors for years. The pair are rumored to have been dating since 2013, but have kept all the details about their romance extremely private. That is, until now.

According to Us Weekly, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are finally ready to go public with their relationship, and fans couldn’t be happier. Sources reveal that Katie and Jamie have been “exclusive” for years, but that it was Holmes who was worried about the amount of public attention they would get if they were to open up about their romance.

Katie and Jamie’s relationship has allegedly become difficult as they plan elaborate ways to spend time together without fans or paparazzi being able to see them. Their most recent planned getaway was back in December for Holmes’ birthday, as well as a trip to Miami for New Year’s 2017.


“To make it impossible to get photo evidence that they are together, they traveled in cars with tinted windows and took secret back elevators,” an insider reveals of the couple. “They had it down to a science.”

Now, after years of hiding from the public, Katie Holmes, 38, is said to be tired of all of the energy it takes to keep her romance out of the public eye. Sources reveal that Katie is fed up and is ready to go public with the romance. As they take the next step in their relationship, Holmes and Foxx were spotted out to dinner together earlier this month in New York City. The next day, Jamie flew to Budapest to begin filming Robin Hood. The pair are also reportedly planning to take a trip to Europe together, where paparazzi may get their first official photos of the two as a couple.

An insider previously told In Touch Weekly magazine that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx spend a lot of time at Katie’s apartment and that they are stealthy when it comes to hiding their relationship.

“Katie and Jamie have been dating for a while. They’re very Mission: Impossible about their romance.”

As many fans know, Katie Holmes has one child, daughter Suri, whom she shares with ex-husband Tom Cruise. Reports have been flying for years that Tom has been an absentee father to Suri. In Touch claims that the actor hasn’t seen his daughter in nearly four years. The site reveals that Tom had kept his distance from Suri and Katie because Holmes had been labeled a “suppressive person,” a term Scientologists use for someone who stands int he way of their spiritual progress.


Cruise, who is one of the most famous members of the Scientologist church, has been scrutinized for not spending time with his daughter in the past. However, sources reveal that since his mother’s death earlier this year he “doesn’t want to lose out on any more time with his daughter,” and is planning to stop at nothing to get Suri Cruise back in his life.

“Tom wants to marry for a fourth time and have Suri in his life again because family has become a key priority for him since his mother’s death. Nothing is going to stop him.”

It seems that it may be Suri Cruise who is stuck in the middle of both of her parents’ drama. The 10-year-old has been growing up in the spotlight, but the attention surrounding her has died down since her parents split. If Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx go public with their relationship and Tom Cruise starts coming around again, the media attention could prove to be overwhelming for the child.

What are your thoughts on Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx allegedly going public with their romance, and Tom Cruise vowing to play a bigger part in Suri’s life?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]