David Dao’s Daughter, Crystal Pepper, 33, At Full Press Conference: I Don’t See How My Age Is Relevant [Video]

As reported by the Inquisitr, David Dao’s attorneys and a family member spoke on his behalf on Thursday, April 13. That family member was David’s daughter, Crystal Dao Pepper. As seen in the below video, Dr. Crystal seemed to take issue with one reporter asking her age, noting that Pepper didn’t see how her age was relevant. Dr. Crystal is 33 years of age.

“I don’t see how that’s relevant but I’m 33-years-old.”

Dao's lawyer Golan and his daughter Crystal Pepper David Dao’s lawyer Stephen Golan and daughter Crystal Pepper at press conference on Thursday [Image by Teresa Crawford]

As seen in the following video from Fox 5 DC, Crystal praised her dad and said that Dr. Dao has done a wonderful job being a dad and grandfather and that the family wants to protect Dao.


Corboy & Demetrio is the name of the Chicago law firm that was seen prominently on the banner in the background of the press conference for Dr. Dao. Begun by Philip H. Corboy and Thomas A. Demetrio, the law firm featured Demetrio speaking throughout most of the press conference.

Demetrio began the press conference by stating that if an airline wanted to eject a passenger, it cannot be done by unreasonable forces, says the law. According to Dao’s attorney, there is an ordinary care standard that states a person or organization is not going to be negligent and hurt others. In the world of common carriers, like United Airlines, they have the highest duty of care, said Demetrio.

“As we all saw in the video, that was not done in this case. I would defy anyone to suggest that there was not unreasonable force and violence used to help Dr. Dao disembark that plane. The laws are there for the protection of each of us. For a long time, airlines, United in particular, have bullied us. They have treated us less than maybe we deserve. I conclude that what is based upon literally hundreds of tales of woe of mistreatment by United is that here’s what we want by society. We want respect and we want dignity. That’s it. Not a big deal. This seems so simple. Forget the law that requires common decency of passengers, make us feel like you really care. I don’t believe it’s limited to the airline industry.”

Dao’s lawyer answered the most pressing question at the press conference about whether or not Dr. Dao would file a lawsuit.

“Will there be a lawsuit? Yeah, probably…”

Dao Thomas Demetrio, Dr. Dao’s lawyer [Image by Teresa Crawford/AP Images]

United and other airlines should know that Dr. Dao understands he will be the guy to stand up for passengers going forward, said David’s lawyer. Demetrio went on to speak about United’s CEO, Oscar Munoz, hesitating when he was asked if Dr. Dao had done anything wrong to get forcibly ejected from the flight. Munoz eventually said no.

Dr. Dao’s attorney said Dao wanted what passengers are entitled to, namely, to be treated with respect and dignity.

“Are we going to be treated like cattle? We all have enough angst for flying as it is. Don’t treat the people who help make you the corporate entity that you are like Dr. Dao was treated.”

For her part, Crystal spoke on behalf of her dad, and offered gratitude for prayers, thanks to the physicians and nurses and all the hospital staff that has taken care of Dao. Pepper was truly grateful, she said, and noted that the things her dad experienced shouldn’t have happened to anyone.

“What happened to my dad should have never happened to any human being, regardless of the circumstance.”

Pepper spoke of being horrified and sickened and shocked to learn and see what happened to Dr. Dao, and hoped in the future that nothing like this happens again. Meanwhile, Dao’s attorney doesn’t believe that Dao was a victim of racism on United’s flight and that Dr. Dao is not the modern-day Rosa Parks. Dao lost two front teeth, said his lawyer, and suffered a broken nose and concussion.

Crystal clarified that Dr. Dao immigrated from Vietnam, not China. Demetrio said that Dr. Dao left as Saigon fell, but that Dao was more scared on the United flight than during the wartime moments. Demetrio stated that they were not ready to file Dao’s lawsuit yet, but he spoke of the culture of disrespect, rudeness, bullying customers that has gone the next level.

Pepper called her dad a wonderful father and a loving grandfather and said the Dao family is has been deeply affected by the United incident and that their normalcy and lives have been interrupted. The Dao siblings are trying their best to do their jobs without further interruption from local media.

Additionally Dao’s lawyer spoke of Dr. Dao’s physical and emotional injuries, calling the notion that Dao was a security threat ridiculous. Airlines need to figure out overbooking, Dao’s lawyer claimed. Dao could’ve complied with officers, but he didn’t want to get up and comply, said his lawyer. Dao’s lawyer also spoke of the second video shot by Joya Cummings, as reported by the Inquisitr, who was 19 weeks pregnant on the flight, according to Demetrio. Demetrio said that United was paying off fares, but folks on the flight were not going to keep quiet.

Dao’s lawyer even spoke of the horrible customer service displayed in a famous scene from the rental car counter in the class movie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but he wouldn’t talk about Dr. Dao medical practice, and his reported limited work schedule.

Dao’s lawyer said that Dr. Dao doesn’t remember running back onto the United plane and that the thought of a class action lawsuit wasn’t feasible. Dr. Dao’s attorney said they have two years to file Dao’s lawsuit and that Dr. Dao is in a secure location.

[Featured Image by Teresa Crawford/AP Images]