April 13, 2017
T.I’s Estranged Wife, Tiny, And Alleged Mistress, Bernice Burgos, Fight On Instagram Leaving T.I Embarrassed

T.I's estranged wife, Tiny, and his alleged mistress, Bernice Burgos, engaged in a spat on social media. The war started when Bernice Burgos uploaded a video online in which she was lip-syncing and bobbing to a song by Xscape, a music group in which Tiny was once a member. The song was titled "Just Kickin it," and the video got under the skin of Tiny despite her and T.I getting divorced.

After the response from Tiny, Bernice then hit back. At first, she said that she didn't want the feud to go public, and she would prefer to offer Tiny her number so that they could get to talk about it. But she ended up adding fuel to the fire by insinuating that Tiny had not aged so well since, and from the video, it was hard to tell it was her! As for Tiny pointing out that she had been with her husband the previous night, Bernice wondered why then she was feeling insecure if their relationship really was that solid.

T.I getting divorced because of Tiny affair?

Bernice then went to like a comment in which allegations of Tiny having an affair with the boxer, Floyd Mayweather had surfaced adding that she was not the one who took vows promising to be faithful. This seemed to be in relation to allegations that Tiny had cheated on him, leaving T.I embarrassed towards the end of last year. During a Halloween party that Mariah Carey had hosted last year, Tiny was captured on video grinding up on Floyd Mayweather. Pictures of the incident were also leaked on social media.
The online spat comes after Tiny filed for divorce from T.I. back in December last year. The couple is understood to have moved into separate homes since the split, although they have vowed to ensure that their children remain their top priority. Tiny and T.I. have three biological kids together and another four from earlier relationships. In an interview conducted by Angie Martinez, a radio personality based in New York, the rapper said he was on good terms with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

"There is no beef. We good. We straight. Everyone else got the problem. We see each other. We speak. We talk. We spend time together. That's still one of the best friends I have in the world. I can just be a better best friend than a husband," T.I said.

T.I's Estrange Wife, Tiny And Alleged Mistress, Bernice Burgos Fight On Instagram
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In the radio interview, the rapper went on to confess that he has always seen marriage as a distraction. He went on to acknowledge that it was a selfish thing to say, but he then defended himself, saying that it was better to be honest, since, in his experience, he had come to realize he wasn't always considerate and thoughtful the way a husband should be.

Sources say T.I to marry alleged mistress Bernice Burgos after divorce

Following the split with Tiny, sources say that Bernice feels confident that she and T.I. will pair up, and she will graduate from her mistress status.

"Bernice feels confident she and T.I will be together soon. Then she can go from being his side chick to his main chick," a source said to Hollywoodlife.

The source added that Bernice, who at 36 is five years younger than Tiny, is eagerly awaiting the finalization of the divorce before she pounces.

Coming soon

According to a trailer that has already aired, the split between the power couple will likely be addressed in detail in the sixth season of the reality show that revolves around the couple; T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. In the trailer, the couple can be seen separating their living arrangements as strains on their marriage begin to show. The premiere of the sixth season of the reality show is expected to begin airing on April 17.
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