Scarlett Johansson Insults Ivanka Trump, Describes Her As Cowardly For Not Criticizing Her Father Publicly

Scarlett Johansson has insulted Ivanka Trump by calling her a coward after her comments during an interview with CBS News in which she claims that she criticizes her father privately.

Johansson insulted Ivanka by calling her a coward. Things were initially taken lightly until she unleashed her unfiltered thoughts about President Trump’s daughter. Earlier this week, Ivanka sat down for an interview with Gayle King of CBS News, and the first daughter was asked to comment on the claims that she has was complicit.

“If being complicit is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit,” Ivanka stated.

Scarlett’s criticism of Trump’s daughter had different angles to it. During the interview, Ivanka stated she disagrees with her father sometimes and that she is usually not afraid to criticize him when she feels that criticism is due. However, she prefers to do it privately rather than calling him out in public. Johansson was not pleased with this because she felt that she was not courageous enough to stand up for her own values.

Johansson Insults Ivanka Trump, Describes Her As Cowardly
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“I have to say, it was really baffling. And yesterday she said…that she felt that the biggest influence she would have…would be behind closed doors,” said Scarlett.

Johansson clearly thought that the claims Ivanka made were outrageous. The actress further pointed out that a public advocate has no business advocating away from the public domain. She further pointed out that it was old fashioned to think that powerful women should not appear concerned. She also did not understand how Trump’s daughter was satisfied that her biggest influence would take place behind closed doors.


The 32-year-old actress was clearly angered by the fact that Ivanka was not courageous enough to publicly express her criticism of the president despite the fact that he is her father. According to Scarlett, this does not set a good example, especially at a time when women have been aggressively proving themselves strong.

Looking at Ivanka’s stance on the matter, since the president is her father, she would not want to criticize him in public because it would appear as if she was embarrassing him or that maybe they were not as united as people believe.

This is not the first time Scarlett and Ivanka have had their differences in opinion. The tension between the two ladies began when Johansson took part in an SNL skit where she played as Ivanka. The skit featured a perfume known as “Complicit.”

While it appears as if Johansson is picking a fight with the first daughter, the fact is further from the truth. She pointed out that she feels as if Ivanka is not fully utilizing the opportunity to make an impact as a representative for women in the White House. The actress stated that she was rather disappointed that Trump’s daughter was not really working towards fulfilling her obligations as a representative for women.

Johansson Insults Ivanka Trump, Describes Her As Cowardly

This is not to say that Scarlett does not have faith in the first daughter. In fact, she described Ivanka as an intelligent, smart, and well-spoken woman — not the kind of description that someone picking a fight would give. She explained that she was just disappointed that Ivanka had failed to act to the best of her ability, which is something that Johansson did not understand.

It seems the actor is strongly in favor of women fully utilizing their opportunities and is offended when she sees a woman not taking advantage of it. Scarlett’s comments left Ivanka quite embarrassed and it’s unclear how or when she will reply.

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