Tyga And Scott Disick Set To Spill Kardashian Secrets In Revenge Show

Tyga and Scott Disick are planning a reality show that will probably tell all about their exes Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian, respectively. If the two men decide to star in a show together, it may lead to the downfall of the Kardashians, as it would show a different side to them and answer questions that many of their haters have ever had.

Tyga And Scott Disick Set To Spill Kardashian Secrets
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The show may reveal whether the sisters are as genuine as they claim to be. This may give their show high ratings, but they may simply focus on their flamboyant, wild lifestyles and shock viewers.

Scott, who has said that he still loves Kourtney, may have a lot more to risk if he were to share anything negative about the family, as he has three children with Kourtney. Tyga, on the other hand, won’t be losing much if he were to reveal secrets about the family. Scott Disick and Tyga would apparently be uniting to take revenge on the sisters as they try to move on.

According to Hollywood Life’s source, Tyga is interested in getting his own show, and the reason was due to Kylie not letting him appear on her new spin-off show, Life of Kylie. Kylie’s show will focus on her rather than the people she’s in a relationship with.

If the two do decide to take on the new reality show, they would take away attention from Kylie’s show, as they are slightly more controversial than she is. This would make for a juicy show, as Scott never holds back even when he’s with the sisters.


Taking KUWTK Down!

Kourtney has been upset before with Tyga, and she thought that Tyga would know better than to hang out with Scott. She told her siblings that she was upset because Tyga was asking Scott to hang out and to go parties, and she revealed that it bothered her. Kylie then interjected and said Tyga was really sensitive and that she knew Kourtney would get mad at Tyga. However, the rapper felt that he was in the middle of the former couple.

The couple would eventually split during Season 10 of their show after nine years of being together, but they would continue to co-parent their three children. Scott revealed on the latest episode of the infamous show that he would be interested in getting back together with Kourtney one day. He revealed that would never get over the eldest Kardashian sister and that she was the love of his life. Kourtney hinted that she wouldn’t object to the possibility if only Scott were more consistent in becoming a better person.

Meanwhile, fans wouldn’t really be shocked if Kylie Jenner and Tyga announced that they were together and it was all a stunt.

However, the sisters are now angry with both their exes, as this is the chance they have to misbehave and call out their family. Time and time again, the sisters have talked about how important their family is to them, so it would be completely understandable if they were angry at what the two guy had to say about them.


Tyga And Scott The Party Animals

The show would obviously show the wild side of the two men. It would more than likely show their escapades with women as well as wild partying and irresponsible drinking.

According to a source for OK! Magazine, the boys would basically get paid to party, and Kylie would be livid with Tyga for hanging out with beautiful women. Scott and Tyga would end up enjoying the perks of being reality stars by gaining access to resorts and certain clubs.

The two of them hanging out together would put emphasis on what Kourtney had feared, and the source goes on to say that Scott is a bad influence. It’s apparent that Scott is the one who is pushing Tyga to take interest in having the show and would be amused by how the sisters would react to what would happen.

Caitlyn Jenner has a new book, The Secret of My life, and it seems her story shall be a tell-all that might upset many once again, quite similarly to her Vanity Fair interview. The two men should learn from Caitlyn’s reveal before deciding on whether their show is a good idea or not.


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