Harry Styles Reveals Album Release Date And Tracklist Via Twitter, Is There A Song About Taylor Swift?

Harry Styles has finally revealed the release date for his debut album, as well as its artwork and tracklisting across his social media accounts. Fans of the former One Direction member will be pleased to know that Harry is gearing up for a summer release, with an album release date of May 12.

Titled Harry Styles, the album will consist of only 10 songs: “Meet Me in the Hallway,” “Sign of the Times,” “Carolina,” “Two Ghosts,” “Sweet Creature,” “Only Angel,” “Kiwi,” “Ever Since New York,” “Woman,”and “From the Dining Table.”


Ten tracks is a far cry from the 50 songs that Styles claimed were in consideration for the final cut, but it’s right on par with a debut release. For fans who have been patiently waiting to hear Harry’s solo material, 10 brand new songs will be plenty.

In addition to the album release date and tracklist, Harry Styles also shared stills of the artwork for the album. Harry can be seen seated in a bathtub full of pink water in several of the shots. There’s also a shirtless shot of him from the back that reveals some of Harry’s infamous tattoos. In that same photo, Harry Styles can be seen wearing a pendant necklace backward.


The reveal of Harry Styles’ release date has undoubtedly piqued the public’s interest in his album. Both tweets have been re-tweeted over 100,000 times as of the writing of this article.

When it comes to social media, Harry Styles isn’t much of a conversationalist. In lieu of chatting with his millions of fans, Harry Styles opts to post cryptic messages, decoded only by those fans who speak his special language.

Those same fans are already piecing together new theories surrounding Harry’s posts. Many of them are speculating that the track “Ever Since New York” might shed new light on Harry Style’s relationship with Taylor Swift, who had a similarly titled track on her album 1989. Since their breakup in 2014, Harry Styles has pretty much shied away from talking about Taylor Swift.

That said, One Direction’s 2015 hit song “Perfect” is believed to have been written with Taylor Swift in mind. In 2015, Harry Styles infamously skirted around questions that the song could be about his famous ex.

“Obviously, you write a lot of stuff from personal experience, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so literal,” Styles explained. “People can interpret a lot of different things in different ways. And I’m not going to tell someone it’s not about what they think it’s about, because I think the whole point is – it’s about whatever it means to you.”

Still, with lyrics aimed at a person who writes “breakup songs,” it’s not completely implausible to think that Harry Styles got out whatever he had to say about Taylor through that song. And even though that relationship has been over for years, Harry Styles could very well have a song dedicated to Taylor Swift on his new album.

For those wondering, the album will be available digitally, on vinyl, and as a limited edition CD (that will come with a 32-page book filled with photos of his recording sessions) which can be pre-ordered this Friday, April 14, from Harry’s official website.

This news comes ahead of his first-ever appearance as a solo artist on Saturday Night Live. Harry Styles is scheduled to perform two songs on the sketch-comedy show as the musical guest. The first song will be his debut single, “Sign Of the Times.” The second song is yet to be revealed.

Tell us, are you excited about Harry Styles’ album release date? You can share your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]