Kailyn Lowry A Bad Role Model? ‘Teen Mom’ Star Slammed For Having Children With Three Men

Kailyn Lowry has been very outspoken about this third pregnancy as she’s excited about having another baby. For a while, this Teen Mom 2 star didn’t want another baby with Javi Marroquin as she wanted to focus on school and her career. But after their divorce was finalized, Lowry announced that she was indeed expecting a third baby. After denying that it was Javi’s baby, fans realized that she was having a third child with a third man. While some people admired her for moving on from her marriage and starting over, others thought she was setting a bad example for having another baby.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now being slammed for having a third baby with a third man, even though she’s not the first Teen Mom 2 star to do this. Jenelle Evans is in the same boat, as she recently gave birth to her third child with a third man. While some people see her as a role model as she gave up on the marriage and moved on when it was toxic, others think she is setting a bad example for young people.

“Nothing you do or say can make someone want something. They have to want it on their own. #conclusion,” Kailyn Lowry tweeted to her fans this week, revealing that she may have tried to pursue someone to do something but they didn’t want to do as she wanted.

“I’m going through a break up and seeing your words have helped me. You’re so strong, I can only aspire to be just like you,” one person wrote in awe of Lowry, who has been trying to get through her divorce drama in a very public light, to which another person pointed out, “3 baby daddies and counting. Role models at its best.”

Of course, many of these Teen Mom 2 stars do get a lot of heat from viewers. It is very easy for viewers to share their opinions about these girls, who continue to have babies with new boyfriends. But as one person points out, it is so easy for fans and viewers to sit behind the screen and judge Kailyn Lowry for everything she is going through. But as Kailyn has repeatedly said, viewers only see a small fraction of her life and there’s so much more to her life than Teen Mom 2.

“Lots of self-righteous keyboard Cowboys out here, talking about you and your BD’s, almost all from TM have 2-3 BD & most of the haters do too! Some of these Hayton folks are going to shit when one day she has enough and tells all on the supposed “innocent!” Will be just as guilty and their kids eyes when those kids are old enough to understand and read all this crap. If none of you would hurt all these haters don’t realize they’re hurting innocent kids by talking bad about their mother. And those baby daddies that don’t stop it,” one person wrote on Twitter in various tweets, pointing out that the hateful tweets are indeed hurting the children involved.

“Sucks when U keep wanting something though & then change ur mind every time & screw every1 who invested in what U convince them U wanted,” another pointed out in response to Kailyn Lowry’s original tweet about wanting something.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweet about not being able to force people to do things for her? Do you think she’s referring to her pregnancy or perhaps her baby’s father? Are you excited to learn more about her new relationship and see her baby when she gives birth this summer?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]