Selena Gomez Guilty For Snatching The Weeknd From Bella Hadid, Is Gomez Embarrassed To Meet Bella?

Selena Gomez is guilty of snatching The Weeknd from his former flame Bella Hadid and that guilt is evident because she does not want to attend Coachella without her new boyfriend.

Gomez wants The Weeknd to join her at Coachella and for obvious reasons. She knows that she is guilty of stealing her new main squeeze from Hadid and she is afraid that they might run into each other. She thus feels that it would be safer if her boyfriend was present. The male artist whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye has been on a rising trend as he makes a name for himself through his music.


“Selena wants Abel by her side there cause he makes her feel safe and secure,” a source revealed.

Selena is worried about running into the Hadid sisters. Is she embarrassed by what she did?

It is easy to see why Selena might be worried or embarrassed about bumping into Bella at Coachella. She did snatch Tesfaye and she feels guilty about it. Perhaps she is worried that they might end up getting into a fight. After all, there was a recent report from an insider that the young Hadid sister was becoming irritated by the constant news about her ex and Gomez. The report further added that Bella asked her friends to stop sending her those updates because she was tired of hearing about them.

Selena Gomez Guilty For Snatching The Weeknd From Bella Hadid
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“Bella is annoyed and tired of being overwhelmed with Selena and Weeknd’s news, so she asked her friends to stop sending her stuff,” an insider stated.

Bella has been trying to move on but it has not been easy.

Sources claim that Bella is keen on moving on but she is constantly bombarded by news about The Weeknd and Selena showing off their love. This has reportedly been slowing down her progress and she is pissed about it. She is clearly pissed about the constant news about how happy Tesfaye and Gomez have been as a couple. It is not clear what would happen if the two ladies were to accidentally bump into each other at the music event. There has been speculation that Bella would tell off Selena or perhaps a cat fight would take place. Hopefully, it will not come to that.

The young model recently muted the mention of her ex-boyfriend and Gomez on her Twitter feed. She has also trying to do the same for all the other social media platforms in which she is in. This is probably because people were constantly teasing her with such posts and she is tired and annoyed because of that.


Selena is obviously aware that the public shows of affection that she has been displaying with The Weeknd has obviously been irritating to Bella. This is probably one of the reasons she is worried that they might bump into each other at Coachella and she is uncertain about what might happen. Some part of her feels that she was wrong for Snatching Tesfaye and then flaunting her relationship with him.

Gomez has been very supportive of the Weeknd during his tours and they have been constantly seen together looking very happy. If she will be at Coachella, chances are that Tesfaye will also be present which will give her more confidence. She will also be assured of protection in case they bump into Bella. That will most likely be a very awkward encounter.

Chances of the two parties meeting are not really that high considering that there will be many stars and the venue will be crowded. That being said, it is obvious that there is a lot of tension between them so it would be very weird if they bumped into each other. Selena’s guilt about snatching The Weeknd and Bella being annoyed about it will be an epic mix.

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