Simone Biles Breaks Down On ‘DWTS’: Viennese Waltz Brings Back Adoption Memories

Simone Biles had an emotional breakdown on Dancing With the Stars. Biles couldn’t hold back tears during a DWTS Viennese waltz, which brought back adoption memories.

Monday’s episode of Dancing With the Stars became the most emotional episode of DWTS this season.

It’s “Most Memorable Year” Week on Dancing With the Stars, where contestants share their heart-wrenching stories, and 20-year-old Olympic gymnast Simone Biles shared the story of her adoption 17-years-ago, the moment that changed the course of her destiny.

Simone Biles, who was placed in foster care at three-years-old after she was taken away from her biological mom who suffered from drug and alcohol abuse, sniffled and cried as she performed the Viennese Waltz on DWTS to the tunes of Chris Tomlin’s “Good Good Father.”

The dance brought back memories of the most pivotal year in Simone Biles’s life: the year she was adopted by her own grandparents at six-years-old.

In a pre-recorded Dancing With the Stars clip, Simone Biles held back tears as she opened up about being adopted. The Olympic gymnast said she “never had mom to run to” as her biological mom was in and out of jail all the time, according to ET.

“I do remember always being hungry and afraid.”

And then her grandparents adopted Simone Biles, who now calls them her “parents.”

“My parents saved me.”

Through her emotional dance on DWTS, which prompted the Olympic gymnast to shed tears as she recalled the adoption memories, Simone Biles is hopeful to thank her grandparents as she struggles to find the “right words” to express her gratitude towards them for saving her.

“They’ve set huge examples of how to treat other people and they’ve been there to support me since day one.”

Recalling her days in foster care before her grandparents had adopted her, Simone Biles confesses that she was “excited” whenever her grandpa came to visit her.

Simone Biles, who partners with Sasha Farber on Dancing With the Stars, said that her grandpa was “the person I always wanted to see walk in,” which is perhaps the reason why she broke into tears after her DWTS Viennese waltz that was accompanied by Tomlin’s “Good Good Father.”

Simone Biles didn’t shy away from shedding tears as she finished her emotional dance on Dancing With the Stars. And then she walked up to her parents to share a heart-wrenching hug.

When asked during her DWTS on-camera interview how she managed to hold back her tears during the emotional dance, Simone Biles credited “muscle memory.”

Simone Biles, who seems to be capable of controlling every single muscle in her body thanks to her impressive athletic career, earned a score of 36 out of 40 from the Dancing With the Stars judges.

Simone Biles’s father, who she spoke about her during the pre-recorded interview, told DWTS host Tom Bergeron after the emotional waltz that his daughter is “just amazing,” and she always “surprises me.”

Prior to her emotional dance during the latest episode of Dancing With the Stars, Simone Biles penned a blog post for People magazine, in which she confessed that her performance would be “a little bit sad,” but at the same time “exciting,” and “inspiring” to other people.

“It means the world to me that I’m getting the chance to honor [my adoptive parents] with this dance.”

Simone Biles and her partner Farber came in second on Dancing with the Stars behind Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater, who danced to a cover of Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally,” with a score of 39 out of 40. DWTS airs on Mondays on ABC.

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