Angelina Jolie Wedding: The Truth Behind The Rumors

Angelina Jolie is stirring new gossip, exciting fans with the idea that she may be planning a wedding, even before her divorce is finalized, but a close look at the rumors may suggest things aren’t quite what the online community would have the world believe. Certainly, Ms. Jolie, like Brad Pitt, is beginning to face life anew as single adults, but that’s a far cry from jumping head first into an entirely new relationship with an impromptu marriage. This seems especially far-fetched, considering it took Angelina and Brad nine years of dating, before they were ready to tie the not, but sources close to Ms. Jolie tell a different story.

The Rumors Surrounding Angelina Jolie’s Mystery Man


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News that Angelina Jolie is already moving on from Brad broke with an In Touch story, sharing rumors from unidentified sources that the actress turned director is already involved with someone new and has been seeing this mystery gentleman. The sources, purported to be close family friends, yet remaining unnamed, suggest that Angelina has been seeing the “wealthy, 40-something Brit” for some time now, adding that the couple is planning to go public and wed in the near future.

“The news caught Brad completely off-guard. He had no idea she was seeing anybody, let alone someone she’s considering marrying,” said a source.

It was added that Pitt was troubled by the news that Ms. Jolie was already involved with someone new, especially because the estranged husband and wife are still tangled up in a complex and stressful custody battle. Bringing someone new into the mix would only complicate matters further, so a negative reaction from Brad would certainly be expected.

The source added that Brad has already shown animosity toward this new man, who has allegedly been taking up Angelina’s time. The source says Mr. Pitt views the mystery man as an intruder upon his family and an obstacle standing between him and his children.

“Initially, Angelina was hoping to wait until the divorce with Brad was settled,” said a second source. “But now she may introduce her new man to her children in LA in the next few weeks. She’s especially concerned that he bonds with Maddox and Pax.”

Can Angelina Jolie’s Sources Really Be Believed?

In researching the truth of this story, Gossip Cop reports that the the story is completely false and that Jolie has no plans to bring a new husband into her already complicated family situation. The report further refutes claims that Jolie’s closest friends formed a barrier for the new couple, protecting their relationship from the prying eyes of the media and paparazzi.

In one point of reference, it was claimed that Brad Pitt was taken by surprise upon learning of Jolie’s alleged new romance, yet the same article also claims that Brad wasn’t surprised by the news that Jolie was moving on.

Also drawing closer attention to the veracity of this story is the fact that Angelina is planning a wedding, even before she has introduced this new love interest to her children. Anyone even remotely interested in Jolie knows that she’s too devoted as a parent to bring someone new into her children’s lives in this way, without first allowing her children to meet this man.

Gossip Cop also suggests this “wealthy philanthropist” may be the same Angelina Jolie love interest reported in a previous story published by Star. That story, alleging that Ms. Jolie had been cheating on Pitt with a wealthy British businessman, also turned out to be false.

“It’s beyond ridiculous,” a source told Gossip Cop, when asked for a statement about the wedding rumors.

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