WWE News: One Of The Greatest Tag Teams Ever Discusses Not Being In The WWE Hall Of Fame

The 2017 class for the WWE Hall of Fame was a good one that saw a number of legends and greats finally inducted, but there is still one tag team mysteriously missing. Kurt Angle led this year's class which included the legendary Rock 'N Roll Express and no one is denying that they certainly deserved that spot. Still, there are so many people who are wondering why Ax and Smash of Demolition have still not had their names announced for induction.

Until last year, Demolition had held the record as the longest reigning tag team champions in WWE history with one that lasted 478 days. Back in December, The New Day became the team to finally beat that record, but it takes nothing away from Ax and Smash.

They still hold the record for the longest amount of days for combined reigns during their three championships and are easily identified by their unique look and facepaint. Still, Demolition is not in the WWE Hall of Fame, and no one can figure out why that is.

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Ax (Bill Eadie) and Smash (Barry Darsow) recently spoke with GO Pro Wrestling on a number of topics and one of them was the WWE Hall of Fame. So many people have said that Demolition deserves to be inducted, but it just hasn't happened yet and no one can quite understand when their time will come.

As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., Ax said that it is just something they don't think about but if it happens, it happens.

"We do not lose any sleep over it. Fans and people like you on the podcasts they know we should be in it. And there are a lot of deserving teams. If we make it fine. We know we had a good career."
Honestly, neither member of the legendary tag team said much else in regard to being in the WWE Hall of Fame, but Smash was quick to congratulate another.
"The Rock 'n' Roll Express were inducted this year and they were an incredible team. Two great guys that we worked with and they deserve to be in there. Congratulations to the Rock 'n' Roll Express."
It isn't that the Rock 'N Roll Express don't deserve to be in, but a lot of fans think it took far too long for them to be inducted as well. They were on top of the tag team division in WWF/WWE for so many years, but their popularity began to decline once the Legion of Doom finally landed in Vince McMahon's company.

wwe news demolition hall of fame
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After much of their time as one of the best tag teams, they were joined by Crush who became the third member of Demolition. Things didn't go so well from this point on, but they had already accomplished more than enough to deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Looking at how long they held onto the tag titles is one thing, but their look alone was enough to make them one of the true wrestling legends -- the spiked vests and leather-wrapped hockey masks which were only removed to showcase their awesome face paint. And no one will ever forget their awesome theme song.

Each year, with the new class of inductees, there is at least one tag team or stable which ends up in the Hall of Fame. More than enough time has passed for Demolition to finally have their turn to take the stage.

Ask anyone who has been a wrestling fan for even one year and they have heard of one of the greatest tag teams of all time in Demolition. Ax and Smash dominated the scene in WWF/WWE for years and they held the record as the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions until just last year. Yes, their later years with Crush weren't the best, but it is hard to deny their tag team superiority which should have earned them a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame a long time ago.

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