Gizelle Bryant On Katie Rost: Did Former ‘RHOP’ Star’s Charity Event Become A Joke?

Gizelle Bryant may have claimed to be the word on the street during the first season of The Real Housewives of Potomac, but she's learning that her gossip may have made her the word on the street this year - for all the wrong reasons. Gizelle has been very outspoken about her co-star, Charrisse Jackson Jordan, especially in relation to her marriage to Eddie. When he moved to New Jersey to accept a job as a basketball coach, Charrisse was set on making the marriage work long-distance. But now that he's not returning home and they are divorcing, Bryant can't stop talking about her co-star and Jackson Jordan's possible new boyfriend.

According to a new Bravo report, Gizelle Bryant is now revealing that she can't stop slamming anyone. While she didn't actually write those words in her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Potomac this week, she did go on the attack when it comes to her old co-star, Katie Rost. Katie was cast during the first season of the show, where she desperately talked about getting engaged to her boyfriend, Andrew. While he did pop the question during the season, they eventually split up and she moved on.

As Gizelle Bryant points out in her blog, she has tried to reach out to Katie on numerous occasions after the show wrapped. Apparently, Rost is just too busy for Gizelle, even though they have been at some of the same events.

"I have reached out to Katie and she has not responded. We have even been at the same social events and she has not spoken to me. I wish her all the best of luck, especially when it comes to her planning another event," Bryant explains in her Bravo blog, which could be why she's upset with her former co-star.

Maybe Gizelle is upset that Katie is ignoring her, because when she went to her charity event, Bryant had nothing good to say about Rost's efforts. The charity event in question is the casino night that Katie had been planning for quite some time, and she tried to get it going last year. While the effort was good, it surely wasn't as glamorous as some of the women had expected. And Bryant couldn't hold back.

"Based off of Casio Royale, she's going to need a four-leaf clover and a horseshoe. It wasn't that the singers were horrible. That wasn't the problem. It's just that they had NO IDEA that they were horrible. Did they know that they were singing to adults, or did they think they were singing at a Saturday morning PBS cartoon special?" Gizelle Bryant writes in her blog for Bravo, revealing that the charity event that Katie had put together was a flop.

It is possible that Rost doesn't want to talk to Gizelle Bryant because she doesn't want to answer any questions in relation to the engagement. Last year, all Katie wanted was to get engaged. It was as if she felt that all of her troubles would be solved if she got engaged. But sadly, her engagement ended and she became a single mother once again. And since Gizelle Bryant has already received a cease and desist order for talking about Charrisse's marriage, Katie may not want to get involved at all. She probably just wants to move on, which is why she decided not to film another season of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

What do you think of Gizelle Bryant throwing shade at her co-star? Are you surprised that Katie is ignoring Bryant at various events in Potomac?

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