Kristen Doute On Tom Sandoval’s Relationship: What ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Has To Say About Her Ex-Boyfriend

Kristen Doute has been on Vanderpump Rules since the beginning and she has gone through quite the transformation. Kristen was known as the crazy girl from the very beginning, as she was very vocal about her dislike for her then boyfriend's friends. She also kept pushing the theory that Tom Sandoval had cheated on her while in Las Vegas, and Kristen kept reminding him that she knew Tom had hooked up with Ariana Madix. While Tom continued to deny the hookup, he eventually came clean that he had indeed kissed Ariana. But when Kristen's own cheating came to light, she was labeled as the villain rather than the victim.

According to a new Bravo report, Kristen Doute is now speaking out about Tom's relationship with Ariana, as he revealed that he's quite serious about her. Even though Kristen and Sandoval dated for three years and even talked about marriage, Sandoval revealed during the Vanderpump Rules reunion that he had only thought about marriage with Madix. So, was Kristen upset as they had discussed similar matters when they were dating? Not one bit.

"Tom/Ariana are better together than Tom/I were," Kristen Doute revealed on Twitter as she was watching the Vanderpump Rules reunion, adding, "No jealousy here. I'm grateful we've both found who we are meant to be with."

Doute has been dating a new man named Brian Carter for about a year. He isn't a big part of Vanderpump Rules, but he does make some appearances on the show. And it sounds like he's nothing like James, as she slammed Kennedy after their split a few years ago.

"[He's] a little immature, belligerent, maybe an a**?" Kristen Doute has revealed to Radar Online about her ex-boyfriend James Kennedy, who she split from a while back, adding, "It's no big shocker that we break up."

Doute has revealed that she took care of James financially while they were together. And it sounds like she also cleaned up his messes, as he was getting drunk and acting rudely towards people. This is essentially what got him fired from SUR, as he kept getting drunk at work.

"I got sick of taking care of him and cleaning up his messes," Doute continued to Radar Online, adding that his behavior was too much for her, "His drinking and belligerence … maybe I got a taste of my own medicine from my previous behavior, but I'm definitely not proud of the way he's treated me."

"In the first episode, between James and I, I wasn't the completely sh**faced, lying, belligerent one," Kristen points out, revealing that she has indeed changed completely from when she dated Tom to when she broke up with James, adding, "He just embarrasses himself."

And a while back, Lala and James hooked up. This happened after he broke things off with Kristen Doute, so he didn't cheat on her. But Doute was indeed upset about this hookup, as she didn't like Kent. And her feelings about Lala haven't changed since then.

"Lala is not my favorite person," Doute said back then to Radar Online, adding, "When I first found out about the possibility of them hooking up — whether when it was when we were together or not together — I tried giving her the benefit of the doubt. But she reminds me too much of James. I don't have time for people like that."

What do you think of Kristen Doute being very supportive of Tom and Ariana's relationship these days, as she's now happy with Brian Carter? Do you think she could have the same feelings about James Kennedy?

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