MTV Reality TV Star Clay Adler Commits Suicide At Age 27, Jennifer Lawrence Left ‘Heartbroken’

Sad MTV news has recently emerged as reality TV personality Clay Adler died at the young age of 27. According to TMZ, the MTV reality TV star took his own life last month.

Clay Adler had reportedly gone shooting with some of his friends in a desert on March 25. Law enforcements revealed to TMZ that while the friends were shooting off guns, Adler turned the gun on himself and shot himself in the head. Clay died in the hospital the following day on March 26.

Clay Adler at the OP Clothing Launch Party
Clay Adler commits suicide [Image by s_bukley/ShutterStock]

After a little digging, TMZ was able to confirm that there were no drugs or alcohol in Clay Adler's system when he had gone shooting in the desert with his friends and shot himself in the head. The sources who spoke to TMZ, however, confirmed the MTV reality personality had been struggling with mental health issues over the past few years.

Yesterday, The Huffington Post reached out to MTV for an official statement regarding the death and suicide of Clay Adler. MTV's official statement regarding his death can be read below.

"We are saddened by the news of Clay Adler's passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this time."
Adler's Newport Harbor co-star Allie Stockton took to Instagram to pay her respects to Clay. While the Instagram post and photo appears to have been removed, the several media outlets confirmed her caption on the picture claimed she was "heartbroken" and "at a loss of words" over his passing.
"At a loss for words and truly heartbroken. We love you so much Clay. I do hope you're in this outfit when I see you again."
Several of Clay Adler's friends and family members gathered at a beach this past weekend in order to pay their respects to the MTV reality personality. Those close to Adler paddled out to sea on surfboards during the gathering in order to honor the fact that Adler was an avid surfer as they paid their final respects.

While most people who recognize the name Clay Adler know him best for his time on Newport Harbor, he did dabble in acting before. He had a short role in Make It Or Break It and The Fish Tank. He also was reported to have developed a friendship with actress Jennifer Lawrence as they actually started their career in the Hollywood industry around the same time. Adler and Lawrence posed together on the red carpet at the 2007 Movieguide Awards.

Clay Adler at the Verizon Palm Centro Launch Party
MTV personality Clay Adler [Image by s_bukley/ShutterStock]

A source told Hollywood Life exclusively that Jennifer Lawrence – who is now 26-years-old – considered Clay Adler to be a friend. While it is unclear exactly how close Jennifer and Clay were, his death still hit her pretty hard. The source went on to reveal that Lawrence was heartbroken over the death of a friend she had made when she was just getting her feet wet in her career as an actress.

"Clay brings Jennifer back to her humble beginnings and hearing that he took his own life really has made Jennifer feel heartbroken. It is really sad because she remembers him fondly and never wants to hear anything like this happen to anyone, especially to someone she once knew very well. It's a shame and she is really bummed out over it."
Clay's father told PEOPLE he had no idea his son was currently struggling with depression as there were no real signs to suggest such. Adler's father also revealed that the MTV personality was an organ donor and had already been able to save four or five lives with the organs donated because of his passing. Adler's father claims that his son would have been thrilled to learn that his death allowed him to save the lives of so many.

Rest in peace Clay Adler.

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