‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Rumors Indicate New, Powerful Enemies Who Defeat Saitama, And A Love Interest?

Season 2 of One Punch Man, an immensely popular Japanese blockbuster satirical anime by Madhouse. that is based on hit web comic ONE, reportedly hit the production floor earlier this month. Although teasers and promotional media for the highly-anticipated sequel to the rather quirky adventures of Saitama, One Punch Man‘s protagonist, have been doing the rounds since last year, details about the production were rather scarce. Fortunately, with production already underway, fans can expect some new adventures and opponents for Saitama.

Owing to the One Punch Man Season 2 production schedule, it is likely that the premiere episode of the sequel could air sometime in July, reported MobiPicker. Rumors about the series had claimed that OPM Season 2 could hit the small screen in Japan by March or April, but experts indicate the timeframe is quite insufficient for all the finer aspects of production and post-production to be completed. If the series does make a comeback in July or September, it would be exactly a year from the time the first official indication that One Punch Man Season 2 was coming. Interestingly, even back then, the creators had chosen Twitter to imply that Season 2 of OPM has been green lit.


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Since there have been no indications about the storyline or plot of One Punch Man Season 2, speculations are rife over the story, as well as Saitama’s upcoming opponents in the new season. One of the main villains rumored to give Saitama a tough time is Lord Boros. Incidentally, Saitama had defeated him in the first season, but it is likely that he will attempt to challenge Saitama again. However, it is likely that Boros will attempt to form a gang and try to take down Saitama with reinforcements.

Other bad guys and gals that One Punch Man Season 2 could reveal are Vaccine Man, Beefcake, Deep Sea King, and Mosquito Girl. While some of the defeated villains are expected to make a comeback looking for revenge or a rematch, it is Garou who could dish out Saitama’s first defeat. Fans of the OPM anime are aware of the fact that Garou is the only character who could stand his ground against Saitama’s powerful fist. Since he is the only one who can withstand Saitama’s punch, Garou could become one of the main villains of Season 2 of One Punch Man. Apart from the ability to survive Saitama’s punch, Garou’s loathing of all heroes makes him a very plausible candidate to be reintroduced in the sequel.

Although the plot of One Punch Man is quite unique, and has been applauded for its quirkiness, fans have demanded to see Saitama’s weakness, and possibly his first defeat. Hence it is quite likely that the hero could taste his first defeat in the second season, and as a result, might even lose some of his powers. Although the loss is rumored to be temporary, it will make Saitama quite relatable, and the defeat could also teach him about humility and respect. Given the fact that no opponent can singularly challenge Saitama, let alone defeat him, it is very likely that the powerful 17-member Monster Association would send an assault team to take him down, indicated a thread on Daisuki.

During the first season of OPM, Saitama always displayed a rather sarcastic demeanor. His rather dry, but still humorous dialogues made it amply clear that he was quite bored of his super-powerful ability of knocking out opponents with a single punch. Interestingly, despite the conclusion of the first season, Saitama still doesn’t have a love interest. This might be because he never had a worthy adversary yet. But if rumors are to be believed, Season 2 of One Punch Man is expected to change Saitama’s relationship status.

[Featured Image by Yusuke Murata/One Punch Man/Viz Media]