'General Hospital' Spoilers: Finn's Betrayed By Brad, Dante Has Olivia Worried, And Andre Opens Up

There's been a lot of action this week in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there's more on the way. Tracy and Laura are back in Port Charles, Anna is getting sneaky about Valentin, and Finn got beaten up and said he's ready for rehab. What General Hospital spoilers are available for Thursday's show and the next few episodes?

Andre saw Curtis and Jordan together and while he tried to take the high road about it, General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that during Thursday's episode he will be admitting heartbreak. Are things really over for good between Jordan and Andre or could her connection with Curtis prompt Andre to shoot for another chance with her? Could Curtis and Jordan really make a go of this relationship now?

Finn ended up at General Hospital after being found beaten to a pulp and Hayden rushed in to see him once she heard the news. Hayden has tried to wash her hands of Finn, but there are clearly still strong feelings there. He says that he's ready to commit to rehab, anxious to turn his life around. However, Brad knows damaging information about Finn and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Brad is ready to reveal what he knows.

Brad was seen in Wednesday's show telling Monica that there was something about Finn he needed to tell her. As this conversation was happening, Finn told Hayden that he was ready to tell Monica the truth about his situation. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Brad is set to betray Finn during the next episode and it sounds as if he may spill the beans to Monica before Finn can do it.

Dominic Zamprogna plays Dante on 'General Hospital'
Dante has Olivia concerned on the next 'GH' [Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images]

Dante has continued to dig into the case regarding Morgan's pills being found at the Floating Rib robbery and he will be intent on finding answers. TV Source Magazine details spoilers sharing that his mother Olivia will be worried about him, and it seems likely that her concern comes both from his police work and all of the drama playing out regarding Lulu, Valentin, and Charlotte.

When Friday's show hits, General Hospital spoilers hint at more explosive action. Carly and Jax slept together, and Sonny exploded when he learned about the dalliance. Jax will try to smooth things over during Friday's episode, but Sonny is furious over all that has transpired, and those who have crossed him may want to lay low for now.

Jason and Sam will spend some quality time with their kids for the holiday, and these scenes should give fans a nice break from the rest of the intense drama swirling in Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers hint that Julian will be popping back up alive again quite soon, and there's plenty more on the way with Anna and the camera she hid in the watch she had sent to Valentin.

Finola Hughes plays Anna on 'General Hospital'
Will Anna learn anything thanks to the watch she sent Valentin? [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Anna may have tried to play nice and smooth things over with Valentin, but obviously, she has more she wants to figure out. Fans are buzzing with theories about the idea that Anna's twin, Alex, might actually be in town impersonating her, and everybody will be curious to see if this theory pans out to be accurate.

Tracy is back home and filled Ned in on her adventure to Turkey, but General Hospital spoilers detail that she's about to begin a new adventure. There has been speculation making the rounds for a while now that Jane Elliot was planning to leave the series this spring, and the show confirmed via Twitter that this is really happening. Elliot will have one last, big adventure to play over the course of the next month before her final air date of May 4.

Can Finn clean up the mess he's created or will Brad's betrayal cost him everything? Is Olivia right to be worrying about Dante and how long will Anna's advantage over Valentin last? General Hospital spoilers hint at lots more drama on the way and viewers cannot wait to see where things head next.

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