'Blindspot' Season 2 Return Date, Episode 19 To See Kurt Weller, Jane’s Passionate Kiss, And Season 3 Update

Blindspot Season 2 returns with final four episodes on Wednesday, April 26. The four episodes are set to be laced with emotions, humor, and fun, and according to creator Martin Gero, the FBI team would land some "massive blows" against Sandstorm.

And Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Kurt Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) relationship is likely to finally get back on the romantic track in the upcoming episodes of Blindspot Season 2.

In the promo for Blindspot Season 2 Episode 19, titled "Regard a Mere Mad Rager," Jane and Kurt can be seen an inch away from sharing a passionate kiss. The promo voiceover asks, "... will their spark finally reignite?"
"Their [Jane and Kurt] connection has always been undeniable. And on the next new Blindspot, with only three episodes left before the finale, will their spark finally reignite?"
Kurt and Jane have dated different people in the current season. The former started a romantic relationship with Nas (Archie Panjabi), while Jane began dating Oliver (Jonathan Patrick Moore). Both the couples failed to take their relationships to the next level.

Now, the Blindspot's power-couple Jane and Weller have to find their way back to each other. Earlier in March, Martin Gero told Collider that Jane and Keller were getting back to where they were at the end of Season 1 before their relationship took a wrong turn. He also said that Jeller fans would be satisfied with where Blindspot Season 2 was going.

"It takes awhile to recover from the lies and betrayal that they both perpetrated on each other, but there's no denying the chemistry between them. All of our #Jeller fans will be very satisfied with where the season is going, this year."
In Episode 19 of Blindspot Season 2, Jane and Kurt are likely to rekindle their romance when they go undercover on a high-stakes scavenger hunt run by hackers. The synopsis of "Regard a Mere Mad Rager" reveals that the episode will focus on a hunt for classified documents.
"Jane and Weller go undercover on a high-stakes scavenger hunt run by powerful hackers. Shepherd (Sullivan Stapleton) journeys to Thailand to procure a dangerous weapon."
While on their undercover mission, Jand and Kurt are set to learn a bit about each other. It might be because of a dual polygraphic test.

Blindspot executive producer told Entertainment Weekly that Jane and Kurt would leave their weapons behind to go undercover. He also said that the dual polygraph test is "Blindspot's version of a trust fall," adding, "What will Weller and Jane learn about each other that they don't already know?"

The previous episode saw Sphered procuring large amounts of nuclear material in Bangkok, Thailand. She also warned her associate to avoid the Western Hemisphere. According to Martin Gero, the Episode 18 final scene involving Shepherd and the "giant pieces" of Episode 19 were shot in Bangkok.

Moreover, speaking of the next episode, Martin Gero tells EW that Blindspot Season 2 Episode 19's opening scene features an action sequence.

"There's an amazing action sequence in the beginning of the next episode that was done with this phenomenal Thai action stunt team that is very, very exciting."
Gero said that the upcoming four episodes were "emotional, there's a lot of humor in them, they're a lot of fun and the highest stakes ever."

Meanwhile, there still no news on Blindspot Season 2. There is a possibility that NBC might cancel the series, as the ratings continue to be poor. It is one of the "worst-performing dramas" on NBC, with a rating of around 0.9 percent in the key demo, according to TV Line.

Martin Gero, however, would like to return with Blindspot Season 3 this fall. He told Collider that he had a three-year sketch of what they wanted to do, adding that they had been working on Season 3 since January.

"I had a three-year sketch of what we wanted to do with the show before we even pitched, and we've been running those plays, I hope pretty effectively. We've been working on Season 3, at least creatively, since January, and we're in fantastic shape. It's a very, very exciting season, and hopefully, we get to make it."
Moreover, he told EW that Blindspot Season 2 would end on a cliffhanger. According to him, it was going to be a satisfying ending.
"I will say regardless of what happens, because we've designed these seasons as solid beginning, middle, and end, it's going to be a very satisfying ending. We're covered both ways."
Watch here the promo for Blindspot Season 2 Episode 19.
Blindspot Season 2 returns to NBC with Episode 19 on Wednesday, April 26.

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