WWE News: Kurt Angle Reveals When We Might See Him Wrestle Again

Kurt Angle left TNA Impact Wrestling over a year ago, and many fans wondered when he would end up making his way back to the WWE. That happened earlier this year when Angle became the No. 1 inductee into the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame class over WrestleMania weekend. With that out of the way, it opened the door for Kurt Angle to make his official WWE return.

The Kurt Angle return happened on the Monday Night Raw episode the night after WrestleMania 33 when Vince McMahon came out and announced that Kurt was the new general manager of Monday Night Raw. In an interview with Wrestling Inc., Angle said that there is still an idea that he will end up returning to the ring to wrestle again.

As Triple H has said in the past, the only way that Kurt Angle can wrestle again in the WWE is if he passes the WWE physical and the doctors clear him to wrestle. According to Angle, he plans to take that physical by the end of the year, but there is little chance anything happens until that time.

“I did hint to Triple H at the very beginning of our talks that I did want to wrestle again and he said, ‘we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. You’re going to have to take a physical and you’re going to have to pass.’ So he said, ‘let’s just take it one step at a time.'”

WWE News: Kurt Angle Reveals When We Might See Him Wrestle Again
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Kurt Angle said in the interview that he will last quite a while as the general manager on Monday Night Raw and that the WWE doesn’t want him to go much further than that for now. He said they want to make sure that he is really a different person than he was in the past.

For those unaware of the demons that Kurt Angle faced in his time away from the WWE, he had originally asked for his release from the company when he found himself addicted to pain medications, claiming that he was taking mass amounts every day just to get by.

Kurt Angle ended up signing with TNA Impact Wrestling, which he said at one point disappointed Vince McMahon, who believed that Kurt would return to the WWE when he cleaned up his life. While in Impact Wrestling, things got worse for Angle. His wife left him for Jeff Jarrett, and then Kurt started to struggle with alcoholism.

WWE News: Kurt Angle Reveals When We Might See Him Wrestle Again
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After a series of DUI arrests, Kurt Angle found his life spiraling out of control. When he realized that things were getting bad, Kurt chose to make a positive change. Angle has now been clean for four years and said in the interview that he has gotten his life back together and is back on track, culminating in the induction to the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame.

When it comes to the WWE, the company has to make sure that Kurt Angle is in the right spot to actually wrestle in a WWE ring again. While Angle might be clean now, he has to prove he can stay clean and stay away from alcohol. The WWE also might want to make sure that Kurt will not relapse with painkillers if he gets hurt in the ring.

“I really believe they want to see how I do. They want to see if I really am the person I say I am… It’s a bit of a longer process, but you’ve got to earn back the trust.”

Kurt Angle also said that he is happy to see how the WWE operates now. He pointed out not only the family-friendly PG rating but also the fact that the WWE takes better care of their wrestlers, with the Wellness Policy creating a better atmosphere for the wrestlers than ever before.

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