WWE News: Randy Orton Talks Brock Lesnar, Says Whether He Wants Revenge After Last Year's Beating

Last August at SummerSlam, Randy Orton fought Brock Lesnar in a match that saw the multi-time WWE world champion finally get a chance to slay The Beast. It didn't work out that way, as Brock Lesnar beat Randy Orton into a bloody mess, delivering real elbows and blows to Randy Orton's head and busting him wide open.

In professional wrestling, when someone takes a beating like that in the ring, they usually set out for revenge of some sort. However, since the Brock Lesnar blows were actually real and Randy Orton had to miss over a month from the WWE due to legitimate concussions suffered in the beating, it makes things different when it comes to his relationship with Brock Lesnar.

Randy Orton was at Wizard World St. Louis last weekend, and Bleeding Cool was there to document a question and answer session with the current WWE world champion. Orton was asked about Brock Lesnar and he made it clear that he has absolutely no interest in working another program with him again, although Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton did fight at a WWE Network special.

It comes as no surprise. At the time it happened, some people asked if Randy Orton had any idea the beating was coming. Even fellow WWE superstar Chris Jericho was concerned and approached Brock Lesnar backstage, confronting him about the legitimate blows before Vince McMahon separated the two superstars. Brock Lesnar laughed it off, and that was because it turns out that Randy Orton agreed to the vicious attack before their match to sell the beating.

WWE News: Randy Orton Talks Brock Lesnar, Says Whether He Wants Revenge After 'SummerSlam'
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As The Inquisitr previously reported, Chris Jericho has no problem with standing up to someone like Brock Lesnar when it looks like he is taking advantage of a friend.

"When I see a friend of mine lying in a pool of his own blood, whether it's a work or not, that's real blood. That's a real concussion that he suffered. So I wanna go check and see if he's okay."
On top of the beating that he took at the hands of Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton was also not happy about the match in general. The WWE and Orton had taken a lot of time to make the RKO into a legitimate knockout move. In the lead-in, Randy mentioned that it would just take one RKO to take out The Beast, but Brock Lesnar kicked out of the RKO "like ten times" in the match.

Randy Orton had also been away from the WWE for an extended time thanks to shoulder surgery and shooting WWE movies. He then came back and fought Brock Lesnar in his first major match and ended up taking more time off due to the concussion. According to Randy, Brock Lesnar could just leave again, like he always does, but he needed to be back on WWE television and couldn't.

In a more lighthearted question at Wizard World St. Louis, someone asked Randy Orton about his match with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 33. Orton said he didn't have an opinion one way or the other about the match, even though many WWE fans criticized it for the use of special effects over actual wrestling.

WWE News: Randy Orton Talks Brock Lesnar, Says Whether He Wants Revenge After 'SummerSlam'
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Randy Orton did say that the match needed more time, but it couldn't get it because The Undertaker deserved that extra time for his final WWE match. Orton did say he will get another chance with Bray Wyatt to put on a great match at Payback.

Randy Orton also said he wasn't happy with his entrance, which included the visuals of a giant snake slithering under him. However, as Orton said, the visual was a failure because it looked more like a giant sperm. Randy said that he would love to get a great entrance at a major WWE event, but he has no say in what happens compared to people like Triple H, claiming that he gets "screwed out of entrances" all the time.

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