Danni Baird Shows Kathryn Dennis Support While Jennifer Snowden Lashes Out At Her

On the latest Southern Charm episode, Kathryn Dennis was shown meeting up with Danni Baird. During an emotional talk, Kathryn confessed that after failing a drug test administered as part of her child custody dispute with her ex, Thomas Ravenel, over their two young children, she spent the summer in California undergoing rehab treatment. Kathryn teared up as she admitted Thomas had full custody of their daughter and son and that she hasn't seen them in months.

In the same episode, Jennifer Snowden, four weeks after giving birth to her son Ascher -- who had to have brain surgery right after his birth -- revealed to Cameran Eubanks that Kathryn had yet to visit or even reach out to her. Jennifer even revealed that the day before she gave birth, she sent Kathryn a text, only to be ignored.

The episode showed Danni being supportive of Kathryn while Jennifer questioned her friendship with Kathryn. Considering how much relationships can change before, during, and after filming of the reality TV show, some viewers might wonder if Danni and Kathryn are still friends. Is Danni still friends with Kathryn, or has she joined the side of Kathryn's critics, namely Landon Clements and Cameran Eubanks? Have Jennifer and Kathryn reconciled?

As that emotional scene aired on Monday night, Danni made it clear that she still supports Kathryn. In a tweet, Danni said that Kathryn can't be broken and that she's strong.
Kathryn, in turn, seems to still be appreciative of Danni's support. In response to a viewer who, in reference to Danni's tweet supporting Kathryn, praised Danni and Kathryn for bringing the love and keeping the show classy and promising, Kathryn tweeted three heart emojis.
In contrast, Jennifer has in recent days made it clear that she is no longer friends with Kathryn. Nor does it seem that Jennifer ever wants to repair her friendship with Kathryn, at least unless there is a big apology involved. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jennifer last week lashed out at Kathryn in response to Kathryn doing an interview in which she said that she was no longer friends with Jennifer because Jennifer snubbed her from her baby shower.

In the interview, Kathryn also gave credence to the rumor on social media that the real father of Jennifer's son is Thomas Ravenel. In a series of tweets, Jennifer blasted Kathryn as a liar and for fueling the questions regarding her son's paternity. Jennifer also claimed that Kathryn still can't see her two children with Thomas, presumably because she's still failing her required drug tests.

On Tuesday, in response to a viewer who tweeted that Jennifer has no love for Kathryn, Jennifer said that she tried to love Kathryn for a long time, only to get nothing in return.

Jennifer Snowden also defended Cameran Eubanks. In response to a viewer who tweeted that Cameran thinks she's better than everyone else, Jennifer said that Cameran is actually a very kind, loving, and level-headed girl.
On the latest Southern Charm episode, viewers saw Kathryn Dennis admit to Danni Baird that she spent the summer in California in rehab. Danni told Kathryn that she was proud of her. When Danni asked Kathryn if she has seen the kids, Kathryn admitted that she has not, that Thomas has temporary full custody, and that she and Thomas are not on speaking terms. Kathryn said that during rehab, she would sometimes just break down and collapse to the floor in tears over missing her children.

A flashback scene was shown of Kathryn, during the Season 3 reunion show, denying Landon Clements' accusation that she recently failed a drug test required as part of her child custody battle with Thomas Ravenel.

In her confessional interview, Kathryn said that the past year has been the hardest of her life. She admitted that she failed the drug test. She confessed that she was embarrassed, humiliated, and ashamed and that she disappointed herself. She explained that while in the car with her mom, her mom told her that there was already a flight booked for her if she wanted to go to rehab in California. She immediately said yes and flew out to California the next day.

On Twitter, Kathryn admitted that the scene was tough for her to film.

Danni replied to Kathryn's tweet, telling her again that she's proud of her.
In another scene, Cameran paid Jennifer a visit about four weeks after she gave birth to Ascher. During the visit, Cameran asked Jennifer if she had heard from Kathryn yet. Jennifer said that Kathryn had yet to visit or even call or text her. Jennifer, who had to deal with the knowledge throughout her pregnancy that her baby may not survive, further claimed that the day before she gave birth to Ascher, she tried to communicate with Kathryn but was ignored. Cameran told Jennifer that she was the better person.
During the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion show, Jennifer Snowden actually showed up as Kathryn Dennis' ally. When others questioned their friendship, considering Jennifer's past fling with Thomas Ravenel, Kathryn said that she didn't blame Jennifer and stood up for her. A preview for the current fourth season shows that later on in the season, viewers will see Jennifer and Kathryn have a one-on-one talk, during which Jennifer tells Kathryn that she has been a good friend to her, a statement that Kathryn seems to not agree with. Perhaps for the Season 4 reunion show, it'll be Danni Baird sitting next to Kathryn, with Jennifer sitting opposite of her?

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