Motorist Wearing ‘Hold My Beer And Watch This’ T-Shirt Arrested For DUI

Cops arrested a Connecticut man wearing a "Hold My Beer and Watch This" T-shirt after an early morning, one-car accident in the town of Putnam.

The suspect allegedly crashed his vehicle into a low stone wall that bordered a cemetery at about 1 a.m., the Hartford Courant reported, adding that the suspect "was wearing a particularly fitting T-shirt for his mug shot."

According to the Daily Mail, the suspect "did not pass the sobriety tests at the scene."

A posting at the Connecticut State Police Troop D Facebook page explains that the suspect, age 25, faces charges of "operating an unregistered motor vehicle, failure to have insurance, misuse of plates, failure to drive in the proper lane and operating under the influence of alcohol/drugs," in the April 10 incident.

The suspect, who cops identified as Harrison Wootton, was released from custody on a $500 bond and is due back in court on April 20.

In another potential wardrobe malfunction in which life may or may not have imitated art, a Pennsylvania man wearing a green St. Patrick's Day "Drunk Lives Matter" T-shirt was arrested on March 19 for alleged drunken driving, AP reported. "Police say 44-year-old Elwood Gutshall III's blood-alcohol content was about two and a half times the state's legal limit for drivers when he was pulled over..." He is due back in court on May 26 for a preliminary hearing.
"This incident is eerily reminiscent of last year's case of a man arrested for driving his car through a 'stone wall, a granite post, and a utility pole before coming to a stop across the street from the Kensington [New Hampshire] Police Department headquarters,' all while wearing a 'This Guy Needs a Beer' shirt," Vice claimed.

The Inquisitr has previously detailed other unfortunate instances when the fashion police and the real police might overlap, as it were.

An Indiana man, for example, arrested for a domestic violence-related offense was wearing an "I did not hit you, I high-fived your face" T-shirt when he was taken into custody and later booked into the Vanderburgh County Jail. The suspect apparently got into an early morning altercation with his wife about Valentine's Day, which occurred the day before, and allegedly punched her in the face.

Elsewhere, a woman who allegedly shoplifted about $700 worth of goods from a Marshall's retail store in the Orlando, Florida, area in August, 2015, was caught on surveillance video wearing a "won't be caught" T-shirt. Cops finally arrested her in late November 2015.

In April 2015, in a separate Florida-based incident, a woman wearing a "won't be caught" T-shirt and a female companion were filmed on a surveillance camera allegedly helping themselves to about $1,500 in perfume products from a beauty supply store in the Tampa area without paying. Both suspects were subsequently arrested, but the woman wearing the T-shirt in question, who reportedly has a long rap sheet, apparently no-showed her court date and was considered a fugitive before being subsequently detained in early September.

In March 2015, a Texas man wearing a T-shirt labeled "Warning: I Do Dumb Things" saw his mug shot go viral on social media after he was busted for an alleged ninth DUI charge.

A Kentucky woman, arrested in November 2014, for possession of meth, happened to be wearing an "I Love Crystal Meth" T-shirt when cops took her in. In May 2014, a man wearing a shirt that read "it's all fun & games until the cops show up" was arrested in Idaho on suspicion of bank robbery. In a separate incident, an Oregon man wearing a T-shirt labeled "drunk as s**t" on the front found himself getting arrested in April 2014 for an alleged DUI and other charges.

[Featured Image by Bogdan Vija/Shutterstock]