WWE News: Fans Pleading With WWE To Fire Braun Strowman After 'Brutal Attack' On Roman Reigns

On this week's Monday Night Raw, Braun Strowman absolutely decimated Roman Reigns in an old-school Attitude Era beating, but it isn't being accepted by everyone. Strowman ended up beating down Reigns, tossing him off a loading dock while strapped onto a stretcher, and tipping over an ambulance that had the former world champion in it. Now, fans are pleading with WWE to fire Strowman after he "crossed the line" in his attack on Reigns.

After the violent attack on Raw, the official website of WWE released an update on Roman Reigns' condition, which was not good. According to that report, WWE said that Reigns suffered "cracked ribs, internal injuries, and a possible separated shoulder" at the hands of Strowman.

Now, a group of fans have come together and are petitioning WWE to actually fire Braun Strowman due to the "absolute worst" thing they have seen in WWE.

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The petition was created on Change.org, and it is aimed directly at WWE with the intention of sending it to the company once it reaches the needed amount of signatures. As of this writing, it has 1,172 signatures as they are on their way to 1,500.

In the petition, Strowman's actions on Monday Night Raw are referred to as a "brutal attack," and it says that he "crossed the line" with what he did to Roman Reigns. The petition calls for Braun Strowman to be "fired effective immediately" and that there should be no question about it.

The creator of the petition states that WWE "failed miserably" at their attempt at entertainment and that Strowman should no longer be part of the company. Actually, they also state that they wouldn't mind if he went over to SmackDown Live, but they definitely feel as if he shouldn't be a part of Monday Night Raw any longer.

During the segment on Raw, fans actually began cheering for Strowman as he continued to beat down Reigns and tip the ambulance over. Longtime fans have looked at this segment as one that mirrored the WWE's Attitude Era which is easily one of their most successful times ever.

The WWE's official YouTube account has watched the views of its replay of the Strowman/Reigns segment skyrocket. By Tuesday afternoon, it more than 3.3 million views, and it recently has crossed 4.8 million views with more than 70,000 approval ratings.

The update from WWE on Reigns' condition and status is one that is essentially storyline-driven and leading to a match between the two men at Payback in three weeks. To sell the injuries, Roman Reigns will probably be kept off of television for a couple of weeks before trying to make an underdog comeback.

No matter what a group of people petitioning for Braun Strowman's firing says, the segment did its job. Strowman is finally over with a lot of WWE fans, and this could also end up helping out Reigns in the long run. The company is moving forward with his umpteenth monster push and coming back from this would prove almost superhuman.

Believe it or not, WWE did one of the best possible things they could have done to try and get Braun Strowman over. Roman Reigns was already hated, and his win over The Undertaker solidified that fact, which means anyone facing off against him will be cheered. Still, there are always a few who will go against the norm, and that is why some WWE fans are petitioning to have WWE fire Strowman for his violent actions that resulted in Reigns' "internal injuries."

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