‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ingo Rademacher Gone From GH – Did Carly’s Guilt Kill CarJax 2.0?

General Hospital spoilers say Jasper Jax (Ingo Rademacher) will not stick around Port Charles much longer. According to tidbits from Ingo's social media, he was only on the General Hospital set for a couple of weeks and that means CarJax version 2.0 is not here to stay. What happens to the recently reunited couple?

Carly Tormented By Guilt

Although on Tuesday, on General Hospital, we saw Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) playing as dirty as he could get, that doesn't mean Carly doesn't feel bad about their split. Sonny went too far with the "whore" comment and earned a well-deserved slap from feisty Carly, but she was clearly torn up when she heard about Nelle Hayes' (Chloe Lanier) confession.

Carly knew it was a matter of time, on Tuesday's General Hospital, before Jax walked downstairs in a state of undress and Sonny would know what she had been up to with her other ex. Laura Wright joked on Twitter with a General Hospital fan using the old excuse from Friends of "we were on a break." But General Hospital spoilers say there's lots more drama ahead for Carly and Jax.

What Drives Jax Out Of Port Charles?

General Hospital spoilers from Soap She Knows promise Ingo Rademacher left LA and back to work on the set of Hawaii 5-0 by the end of March and that means Jax is not sticking around Port Charles. However, other sources say Ingo's status at the soap is still in the "recurring" category, which means he could be back at any time to stir up trouble or romance.

What seems very likely is that it's Carly and not Sonny that drives Jax out of town, despite recent General Hospital spoilers showing Sonny soon embarking on a nasty revenge campaign against his rival. Sonny told Carly he was done with her and it sounds like he means forever, but we know CarSon always find their way back to each other no matter what.

Sonny Goes After Jax, Carly Has Second Thoughts

Upcoming General Hospital spoilers say Sonny is hard hit by the end of this week and is full of sadness that turns to rage. Then on Monday, April 17, Sonny has worked himself up and goes back to confront Jax since he doesn't get to this week because he wound up in Carly's face with ugly accusations. Jax is never one to back down from Sonny, so we can expect an epic confrontation.

On Thursday, April 20, Carly and Jax are once again getting romantic (and sexy), but they're interrupted. That same day Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) gives Sonny good news. Is Jason digging up dirt on Jax for Sonny? If so, Carly won't like it because on Friday, April 21, General Hospital spoilers promise Carly feels double-crossed and it could be over whatever Jason is doing for Sonny.

Sonny's Revenge Plan

The following week, General Hospital spoilers predict that Sonny decides he wants revenge on Jax and plans to make his rival's life hard. On Monday, April 24, Jax makes an argument to convince Carly of something. Will Jax try and get Carly and Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) to leave Port Charles and go to Australia with him? Running away would solve a lot of Carly's problems.

That same day, General Hospital spoilers say Carly makes a "life altering" choice. Even if Carly initially decides to run off with Jax, we know something will happen to slow her roll. No way is Laura Wright going anywhere. Carly's decision to let Jax go and stick with her life in Port Charles puts an end (at least for now) to CarJax 2.0 and their reignited romance.

New Love For Carly After Jax and Sonny?

Most General Hospital fans are deeply divided and are either Team CarJax or Team CarSon. However, some other General Hospital spoilers hint Carly might get a brand-new love this go-round. She won't be alone since a new love interest has been cast for Sonny that we'll meet hot on the heels of his divorce from Carly. Sonny loves up on a new lady lawyer, but who is there for Carly?

Many General Hospital fans might like to see Carly with Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) so he's far away from serial cheater and inept cop Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine). Carly also had good chemistry with Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and he just got dumped. But the best match might be Father Hottie Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) that winds up entangled with Carly.

General Hospital spoilers have teased for weeks that Griffin would finally get a girlfriend that's a married woman. Soon to be divorced Carly meets the bill and would be a hot pairing. Plus, it would drive Sonny off the deep end and that's always fun to watch. We'll see how it plays out. We're still awaiting news on Carly's new love interest after Jax leaves town from General Hospital spoilers.

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