Bikini Wars: Kate Beckinsale, 43, And Her 18-Year-Old Daughter's Bikini Photos

Kate Beckinsale and her daughter Lily have been sharing bikini selfies on their respective Instagram accounts. The mother-daughter duo has been battling for the hottest bikini selfie. The British actress took to Instagram on Monday, April 10, to post her most recent bikini selfie, which shows her wearing a flower print bikini and sunglasses while she stands in front of some wall art.

Beckinsale jokingly captioned the post, "Successfully completed the holiday Rorschach test without seeing a penis or my mother."

The 43-year-old actress graced the cover of the January/February 2017 issue of Shape, reports E! Online. On the cover, she's seen wearing a colorblock bikini. Inside the issue, Kate explained how she prepared for her role in Underworld: Blood Wars. She credits celebrity personal trainer Gunnar Peterson for giving her those rock-hard abs.

"I work out hard with Gunnar five or six times a week," Beckinsale said. "I do circuit training interspersed with brutal cardio, such as crazy things on a nonmotorized treadmill. That part is torture. But the thing I like about circuit training is that you're never doing one thing for very long. You get to the point where you almost can't bear it, and it changes to something else."

She also revealed that she loves practicing yoga when she's not in the gym. Beckinsale didn't always like working out. But that all changed when she realized how much it improved her overall mental health and well-being.

"Hard-core workouts have really made a big difference in my life. I have a lot of internal energy, and intense exercise helps me channel that energy. I find balance by doing a workout that makes me pour sweat. I never was that girl before, but I am now."
As for her diet, she's a vegetarian. Kate was re-introduced to meat when she was put on a diet while filming Pearl Harbor. Both Kate and her 18-year-old daughter, Lily, usually love to eat clean.

"Lily and I eat clean – we have a lot of sautéed vegetables like brussels sprouts and broccoli and chicken and fish. Also, I don't drink alcohol," she continued. "I feel [its effects] very quickly, so I've never actually had an entire glass of anything alcoholic."

The gorgeous actress felt inspired by her Shape photo shoot. She shared this glamorous photo of herself lounging in the blue waters in a red bandeau bikini top and white bottoms.

She captioned the post, "Float float and some funny marks on your bum when you get up."

Two days prior, the actress posted another selfie to Instagram, in which she looks like she's wearing the same floral print bikini in her most recent post. She also gave her followers a sneak peek at her gorgeous eyes and smile. "Happy oh happy," she wrote.

Kate's not the only one who's looking good in a bikini. She's quietly battling it out with her daughter, Lily, reports People. Both of them showed off their bikini bodies on Instagram on Monday, leading fans to comment on Lily's similarity to her famous mom.

Lily shared this snapshot of herself wearing a red lace-up bikini top with high-cut floral print bottoms. In the photo seen below, she shielded her eyes from the sun and holds a scuba mask as she enjoys a day on the beach. It also looks like she shares her mom's fashion sense. She also joked about her "really busy day" while she shared some of her bikini selfies.

However, it was Kate Beckinsale who was dubbed as "world's hottest mum," according to Express UK. Some of her fans gave her that title. Meanwhile, it looks like Lily is giving Kylie Jenner a run for her money with some of her own selfies. Kate has been much happier since she recently left ex, Michael Sheen.[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]