Orlando Bloom Explains Nude Photos And Split With Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom wrongfully fell for the facade of a lens-free world and learned his lesson the hard way. The Pirates of the Caribbean star was spotted by the paparazzi canoeing in the nude during his and then-girlfriend Katy Perry's vacation in Italy. The unforgiving shutterbugs snapped photos of Orlando Bloom's pride and glory and he definitely did not see it coming.

According to Fox News, Orlando Bloom explained that he never intended to be photographed in such an extremely explicit way. According to the Lord of the Rings star, he found it extremely surprising" to discover that the paparazzi was able to capture the moments after he ditched his blue board shorts to go paddle boarding bare alongside Katy Perry.

As a result, the whole world is now able to feast their eyes on a very nude Orlando Bloom. Fortunately, the star explained himself with regard to his naked photos and even remained jest about it.

"I wouldn't have put myself in that position if I'd thought it would happen. I've been photographed a million times in a million different ways. I have a good radar. We'd been completely alone for five days—nothing around us. There was no way anyone could get anything," the 40-year-old explains. "I had a moment of feeling free."

He then added, "What can I tell you? Note to self: You're never free. Ha!"

As for the Orlando Bloom's breakup with Katy Perry, the reason was also explained as per Daily News Entertainment. Apparently, both of the ex-couple's reps told Entertainment Tonight that Orland Bloom and Katy Perry were taking their "respectful, loving space at this time."

Katy Perry and Orland Bloom have made it officially clear that they are no longer in a relationship, for now. Multiple reports claim that the actor and the singer are taking a break after around one year of dating.

Although they made an effort to ensure that no rumors go around falsely defining their break up, the reason behind their split is still vague. Apparently, the two have been spending a considerable amount of time apart since Orlando Bloom is filming his movie Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales. Meanwhile, Katy Perry found herself busy traveling around for award ceremonies.

The aforementioned breakup note definitely paints a lovely picture of how a breakup should be. Moreover, the Hobbit star also explained that he and Katy Perry separated on good terms.

"We're friends. It's good. We're all grown-up," Bloom told Elle. "She happens to be someone who is very visible, but I don't think anybody cares about what I'm up to. Nor should they. It's between us."

He later added, "It's better to set an example for kids and show that (breakups) don't have to be about hate."

Apparently, Orlando Bloom has a similarly civil relationship with his ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Bloom explained that he and Miranda "co-parented very well."

"With Miranda, there was a sense that I don't want my son to go back through the internet where people made up lies. Miranda and I have a remarkable relationship," said Bloom.

Furthermore, Miranda Kerr revealed to People that her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom is more like a brother to her post-breakup. In addition to the friendly ex-relationship in the background, Kerr also revealed that hers and Orlando's son Flynn has a great relationship with Katy Perry. Expressing that the two "got along really well."

Although Orlando Bloom may lack the talent to spot the paparazzi lurking in the bushes of Italy, resulting in his unexpected nude photo-shoot, the actor does have a talent on maintaining civilized relationships with former partners.

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