‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 862 English Spoilers: Mother Caramel Photo And Tamatebako Key To Assassination Plot?

Chapter 862 of the immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece promises the execution of one of the most daring attacks that the series has ever witnessed. Luffy D. Monkey and his Straw Hats gang attempt to rescue Vinsmoke clan along with Capone "Gang" Bege's Fire Tank pirates.

Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 861 spoilers and Chapter 862 speculations ahead.

One Piece mangaka Eiichiro Oda spent quite a few previous chapters of the series building the excitement about Big Mom's assassination plot, which was originally hatched by Capone. Interestingly, while Charlotte Linlin was quite excited about the wedding ceremony of her 35th daughter, Lady Pudding and the 3rd son of Judge Vinsmoke, Sanji, she had secretly formulated a plan to massacre the entire Vinsmoke clan to gain control over the Germa 66 "clonable army." While each team was patiently waiting for the opportunity to strike, there are several elements that could either aid their respective missions or play spoilsport.

While the previous chapters did confirm Yonko Big Mom's sole weakness, they also revealed how Capone's assassination plot was susceptible to many failures. Capone's sole escape route was through Brulee's Magic Mirror World. Needless to say, Brulee has repeatedly reminded the group that she isn't part of the plot. Should she escape, Brulee would surely alert Big Mom's ministers. However, with their escape strategy gone, Capone would have to call off the plan.

The second vulnerability was the weapon designed to kill Big Mom and, more importantly, the weapon designer himself. Caesar Clown is not a trustworthy character, and he is being forced to work under Capone because the latter has Caesar's heart in his custody. Incidentally, the biggest threat to Big Mom's assassination plot is Commander Katakuri or Dogtooth. He has the ability to foresee the future, and although he cannot see more than a few moments, his ability is certainly detrimental.

Interestingly, there is an item that could work in favor of Luffy and Capone, however, the timing would have to be perfect. In the previous chapter, Big Mom had was showered with gifts from the visiting dignitaries. Although the Yonko was extremely pleased about the treasure chests, she had confirmed that her most prized possession was the "Tamatebako," a rather small, but intricately decorated treasure chest that King Neptune had given her without putting up a resistance. Big Mom had confirmed that she would open the Tamatebako before all the other presents she had received.

Incidentally, the Tamatebako doesn't contain what the Yonko thinks. Instead, it has been indicated that the box contains bombs, and they have been rigged to blow if the box is ever opened. Given the fact that Big Mom is excited to open the treasure chest, it is quite unlikely that she knows about the incendiary nature of the Tamatebako. Hence opening the box would certainly cause a huge explosion. However, for the bombs to have any effect on Big Mom, Luffy will have to tear the Mother Caramel photo. If the Straw Hats captain can time his act perfectly, Big Mom would be killed without the need for the "Deadly Poison Gas Bullet, the KX Launcher."

Until chapter 861, mangaka Oda hasn't confirmed how the Straw Hats gang will enter the wedding venue. However, he did indicate that Sanji was already in the bride and groom's chambers alongside Lady Pudding. He was trying his best to conceal his innermost feelings of hatred and anger towards his bride-to-be. Although Sanji knows exactly what Pudding plans to do once he lifts her veil and goes in for the wedding kiss, the only kindhearted member of the Vinsmoke clan can't help but emotionally wonder and question if such high level of betrayal is even possible from a such a sweet and innocent looking person.

Chapter 862 is filled with multiple uncertainties. While Big Mom is unaware that her carefully hatched plan of killing the Vinsmoke clan has been revealed, Capone has already set his assassination plot in motion. Perhaps the Tamatebako is truly the most critical aspect in the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

[Featured Image by Eiichiro Oda/One Piece Manga/Shueisha]