Trouble On 'The Bachelorette'? Creators Adding Contestants Mid-Season Hoping Rachel Lindsay Finds Love

Rachel Lindsay's run on The Bachelorette seemed like it was going well based on recent photos from the set. But Chris Harrison's recent tweet has many worried that Lindsay is having trouble finding the perfect guy.

Wetpaint reports that Harrison just told a fan that they are still accepting suitors for Season 13, despite the fact that production has been underway for a month. Last week, one fan asked Harrison if he is "still accepting men for @TheRachLindsay season??" because they had the "perfect guy" in mind.

Although Lindsay should be in the middle of sorting through the contestants, Harrison surprisingly told the fan that they are ready for some fresh faces.

"Standing with @TheRachLindsay and she says being em' on," he stated.

Lindsay has already gone on a few one-on-one dates with the contestants. She's also been spotted in Norway and South Carolina, which means filming is well underway. In fact, she should only have around 12 suitors left and is only a few weeks from taking her final picks to the hometown dates. If she's still open to a new guy entering the contest at this point, then that doesn't bode well for her finding love.

According to People, producers have already released a promo video for the upcoming season. Following the new episode of Dancing with the Stars, ABC teased fans with a look at Lindsay in action for the first time. The video featured "That's My Girl" from Fifth Harmony and gave a little more background of Lindsay's journey so far.

A few weeks before production on The Bachelorette started, Lindsay admitted that she's ready to tie the knot and find the right man to start a family. To that end, the Dallas attorney is looking for a guy who isn't afraid of the big commitment, which is an issue she has dealt with in the past. Will she find the perfect fit?

When it comes to finding the perfect man, former Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher had a few words of advice for Lindsay.

"[Rachel]'s so smart that she'll probably not have a tough time overthinking," she explained.

"So I think I would just tell her not to overthink every situation and at the end of this whole thing, whatever happens she needs to go with your first instinct or whatever thought you keep coming back to. And it's tough, try not to overthink, really trust yourself, and stay that smart, confident woman that you are. Don't make these men make you feel any different."

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Will Rachel Lindsay find love as 'The Bachelorette'? [Image by ABC]

It's too early to tell which suitors are the frontrunners this season. We do, however, know a few details about the first group date this season. According to Wetpaint, Lindsay took her suitors to a wine safari in Malibu where she set up a unique obstacle course to test their abilities as fathers and husbands. This includes a course of carrying babies and vacuuming.

Following the group date, suitor Peter Kraus won Lindsay's first solo date of the season. Lindsay picked Kraus because the date happened to land on his birthday. The details of the steamy date haven't been leaked, but fans know they went to a La Quinta Resort for dinner and a fireworks show.

Kraus' date with Lindsay sounds like it was successful, but that doesn't mean he's the frontrunner. After all, there are over 20 other suitors at Lindsay's disposal, not to mention the fact that she's apparently seeking a few more men to add to the lineup.

Bachelorette producers have not commented on adding more contestants to the show.

The Bachelorette is set to premiere May 22 on ABC.

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