Robert Pattinson Denies Being A 'D**k' To Charlie Hunnam, Claims 'Sons Of Anarchy' Star Was Ignoring HIM!

Robert Pattinson doesn't think he was being distant with Charlie Hunnam while working on The Lost City of Z. Hunnam recently revealed that Pattinson was ignoring him on-set, yet the Twilight alum thought it was just the opposite.

According to Metro, Pattinson says the Sons of Anarchy star was the one who ignored him during the production of James Gray's film. "I didn't ignore him. Well, whatever, maybe… I thought he was ignoring me," Pattinson shared. "I don't know. It was just the two of us in the hotel."

"I didn't ignore him. Well, whatever, maybe… I thought he was ignoring me," Pattinson shared. "I don't know. It was just the two of us in the hotel."

The actors were more than friendly towards each other during the premiere of the movie and Hunnam has since backtracked on his earlier comments. Although he originally said that Pattinson acted distant, Hunnam admitted that they were both playing games.

"I started playing this game with Rob and he just started playing it right back," Hunnam shared. "I think we both really understood what we were doing and there was no real contention or beef between us — we were just playing the game."

After production was over, Hunnam found out that Pattinson was a good guy and the two enjoyed spending time together. Part of the reason they didn't hit it off right away was because Hunnam was fresh off playing the lead in Guy Ritchie's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and hadn't spent any time rehearsing with Pattinson.

Charlie Hunnam And Robert Pattinson's 'The Lost City Of Z' Premiere Date Finally Revealed — Everything We Know [Image via Paramount Pictures]
Charlie Hunnam in 'Lost City of Z.' [Image by Paramount Pictures]

To make matters worse, Metro reports that Hunnam wanted their friendships to develop on camera instead of in real life. With that goal in mind, Hunnam revealed that he barely spoke to Robert Pattinson in-between takes and probably said less than ten words to him.

"I didn't know if he was just 'in that zone' or if he genuinely didn't like me. There was a real distance between us," Hunnam shared. "But it creates the right dynamic on screen. He's reached out to me subsequently, making overtures for us to be friends now, so I think it was about the work."

The Lost City of Z is about the British explorer Percy Fawcett (Hunnam) who went searching for a fabled city in the Amazon. The movie was shot over the course of several months in Columbia and faced numerous obstacles along the way. From dealing with tropical rain storms to accidents on set, the cast and crew were constantly kept on their toes.

Charlie Hunnam and Tom Holland [Image via Paramount Pictures]

According to Variety, Gray almost gave up on the film because it got stuck in development for over two years. Fortunately, producers Brad Pitt, Jeremy Kleiner, and Dede Gardner kept with the movie and eventually got the ball rolling.

"At a certain point, I stopped thinking that the movie would even get made, around 2011 or 2012, and I went off to make another film. I just gave up completely," Gray admitted. "It's a great joy and strange to be here tonight for that reason."

The Lost City of Z is set to open in theaters on April 14. Until then, Gossip Cop released a sneak peek clip of Pattinson and Hunnam in action. The video features Hunnam assaulting a drunken Pattinson, who plays Fawcett's co-explorer Henry Costin. At one point, Hunnam puts Pattinson in a headlock and takes him down.

Robert Pattinson in character for 'The Lost City of Z.' [Image by Paramount Pictures]

Of course, Hunnam eventually discovers that Costin is actually there to help him explore the Amazon as his aid de camp. Although their characters got off to a rough start, they eventually develop a friendship as they search for the fabled city.

Fortunately, it also sounds like Hunnam and Pattinson are friends now that the movie is over. "It's nice actually to come out of that fog of the production and see that he's a lovely guy. I can actually enjoy having a drink with him now and a hang," Hunnam admitted.

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