Harry Styles’ Louis Tomlinson Tweet Causes One Direction Meltdown, ‘Larry Is Real!’

Harry Styles tweeted out a photo of his One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson, and it’s sent fans of the boyband into total meltdown over the phenomenon that is “Larry Stylinson.”

The tweet, which looked like a mistake on Styles part, happened in the early hours on April 12 and saw the “Sign of the Times” singer seemingly accidentally quote a tweet by a fan that showed off two photos of Louis from now and a few years ago.

Harry’s tweet whipped his followers into a frenzy, causing a number of One Direction’s followers to speculate that the now solo star may just have confirmed that “Larry Stylinson,” the bandmate’s fake couple name for Louis and Harry, was alive.

A number of One Direction fans were quick to capture screen shots of Styles message, which saw him quote a tweet by a fan that read “Then and now” alongside an older photo of Louis sipping on a white drink next to a more recent photo of Tomlinson enjoying a beverage.

Harry retweeted the tweet and even added the caption, “G://www.smartur.it/ye,” before then deleting the post entirely just moments later.

However, Harry’s quick delete wasn’t fast enough for some fans, as a slew of screen shots of the tweet were quickly posted by One Direction fans which showed Styles’ followers had liked and favorited the tweet thousands of times before he was able to delete the message.

Did Harry Styles Just Confirm 'Larry Stylinson' Is Real?
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It’s not clear if Styles was hacked or if he simply retweeted the wrong message, though Harry’s tweet quickly sent One Direction fans into meltdown mode after a number of the band’s dedicated followers had put forward a conspiracy theory for the past few years claiming that Styles and Tomlinson were supposedly a closeted couple who they referred to as “Larry Stylinson.”

One Direction fans flocked to social media to bring the theory back to life after seeing Styles’ seemingly accidental tweet, which saw the word “Larry” become a trending top on Twitter as social media users claimed on the 140-character site Style’s deleted message supposedly proved that “Larry” was real.

“O M F G [O.O] #larry is f***** alive suckers,” @HyLStylinson tweeted out after seeing Harry Styles’ post about Louis Tomlinson, while One Direction fan @erianaa added, “My larrie heart was in the grave and now it’s alive and well good morning larry is real.”

“LARRY IS ALIVE AND SO AM I,” @MelxniesB*** wrote of the star’s Louis tweet, and @aimhftlouis tweeted amid the “Larry” drama and latest speculation, “I got the notification of Harry’s now deleted tweet, oh man Larry is so alive!”

But while some fans claimed Harry’s Louis tweet was supposedly proof of an apparent romance between the two, others shut down the pretty ridiculous allegations and claimed that they were worried about the drama brewing for Styles and Tomlinson following the accidental retweet.

“Now that pic of Louis is just going to add fuel to the already blazing fire… I do feel bad for Harry. Louis, too,” @Betty_Cooper29 tweeted after Styles and Tomlinson were bombarded by “Larry” tweets by excited One Direction fans.

Did Harry Styles Tweet Confirm 'Larry Stylinson' Is Real?
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“I am proud to say that [although] I love both Harry and Louis and maybe I ship them too, BUT LARRY IS NOT REAL,” One Direction fan @niall_runwithme then hit back.

As reported by Heat last year, One Direction fans have long been claiming that Harry and Louis may be a secret gay couple for years, despite both Tomlinson and Styles repeatedly denying the accusations.

Fans of the boyband have repeatedly bombarded both Louis and Harry with message about “Larry” both before and after the Brit band announced their hiatus, as the site claimed that a number of their supporters have accused the duo of being in a secret relationship while suggesting Styles and Tomlinson’s relationships with their respective girlfriends have been “fake” to cover up their supposed secret romance.

According to the site, One Direction fans claiming Harry and Louis are a couple call themselves “Larries” and “have spent years compiling pictures, gifs and messages as evidence of Harry and Louis’ everlasting love,” though Styles and Tomlinson have always shut down the “Larry” rumors and the far fetched threories.

What do you think of Harry Styles tweet about Louis Tomlinson that has One Direction fans claiming “Larry” is real?

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