'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jane Elliot's Last Days, Farewell To Tracy Quartermaine Begins

It is a sad time for General Hospital fans as one of the soap's most well-loved actresses is officially retiring from acting. Jane Elliot has portrayed the role of Tracy Quartermaine since 1979 and has since had a long and successful run on daytime TV. These are her last few weeks on air, and it should prove to be both heartbreaking and amazing all at the same time. What does the soap have in store for Tracy?

General Hospital took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce to fans that May 4 will be the last day that Jane Elliot will be seen as Tracy Quartermaine. These are her final days on the soap that has been her home for over 30 years. Tracy is an iconic character that is like no other. She has come full circle and may finally have her happily ever after soon.

Wednesday will mark the beginning of the end for this character and the show promises that it will be well worth watching. This is Tracy's last hurrah, so they know that it has to be memorable just as the character is. She has already started an adventure and this will continue until May.

The past couple of weeks on General Hospital has had Tracy hopping on a plane to Turkey to find the painting that her father owned. She took along Laura Spencer as her official interpreter but as it turned out, she became more of a friend and a support to Tracy. The girls discovered the painting that they were looking for and it had an uncanny resemblance to Tracy when she was younger. The monks who had the piece of art had a hard time letting it go, but Tracy was insistent and now she and Laura are back in Port Charles with the painting in hand.

Tracy is getting ready to unveil her father's artwork to the family, but according to spoilers by Soaps She Knows, there is expected to be a visitor to the Quartermaine mansion who will disrupt the unveiling of the portrait. Just as the women were leaving Turkey last week, a young woman was shown watching them. This is most likely the girl that Laura kept hearing. The whole time that they were staying at the monastery, she would hear a female crying, but the monks insisted that they were the only two women there.

Now it looks like she has some sort of connection to that painting, which is why the monks tried to keep it with them. Who is this mysterious young woman? Rumors are swirling that she is Edward Quartermaine's long-lost daughter. That could be true as he had been seeking asylum years ago at the monastery and he may have had a love affair with a lady while there. The actress, Ivy Natalia, will play the role of Samira Adin and will have a nine-episode stint on General Hospital.

It will be interesting to see if this is indeed Tracy's younger sister. How will she handle it since she has believed all along that she is her daddy's only daughter? Edward did leave an emotional letter to Tracy and it reinforced just how much her daddy loved and respected her. That was just the beginning of the end of her final story on General Hospital.

How will Tracy Quartermaine leave Port Charles? There were earlier speculations that she may be killed off, but that doesn't look to be true at all. The perfect scenario, according to fans, would be that the love of her life, Luke Spencer, comes back to Port Charles to sweep his lady off her feet and they ride off into the sunset together.

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Will Luke show up? [Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]

In fact, actor Tony Geary was seen in photos recently posted by Carolyn Hennesy of him on set. Now it could have actually just been a going away party for Jane or it could be that he has taped some scenes with her. It will definitely be bittersweet for fans, and the actors who have worked with her for many years, to see Jane leave the show.

The time is almost here to say goodbye, so General Hospital suggests that you make sure to watch Jane Elliot's last days as Tracy Quartermaine starting on April 12. What will you miss most about Tracy? Sound off on your favorite memories of this iconic character.

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