Melania Trump Spills Parenting Secrets, Reveals Why Donald Trump Never Changed Diapers

Melania Trump may have been a rather slow paced first lady especially when bet against her predecessor, Michelle Obama. However, aside from modeling and selling beauty products, there is another thing that makes Melania Trump shine like a star – parenthood.

The first lady shared the details of her family life and the reason why Donald Trump never had to change a diaper back when young Barron Trump was still a baby. Furthermore, Melania also shares tips on parenting that she believes will help her son grow into the best version of him as he can be.

First off, Melania Trump discussed her husband, the president, and how he is as a father to their young son. According to Melania, 46, Donald, 70, has a beautiful relationship with their son Barron, 11. Despite Donald Trump's ever-busy schedule, given that fact that he is running a country, he still maintains quality time with his mini-me. Melania believes that their relationship is full of love and respect as reported by Express.

Moreover, Melania adds that despite New York being their home-base, they also spend a considerable amount of time in their resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Known as the Winter White House, Mar-a-Lago is the place where the father and son duo, Donald and Barron spend their time playing golfs, sharing meals and enjoying some family time. "It is always a really special time."

As for the diaper changing roles delegated by the married couple, it is known that the president did not have to hand Barron's diapers, and Melania was completely fine with it. "It is not important to me. It's all about what works for you. It's very important to know the person you're with," Melania starts. "And we know our roles. I didn't want him to change the diapers or put Barron to bed. I love every minute of it."

In light of Melania's parenting skill, the first lady has shared some insight on her private life with Parenting. Apparently, Melania's approach to raising a child heavily relies on the parents' ability listen. "I listen to what he says, what troubles him and what he is excited about. Then I can guide and support," says the former model.

The first lady also believes that it is important to give the child space to grow on their own. "I don't push my thoughts or likes or dislikes," says Melania. " I want him to grow to be his own person. I think is important to give a child room to make mistakes in order to learn."

"Mistakes build wings so later in life they can fly and go on their own. Let them fall once in awhile. When they do they will learn how to pick themselves up on their own when you aren't around."

Moreover, Melania also strongly believes in creativity and is against shutting down the natural creativity possess by children as reported by Honey Nine. "He is very creative, if you say to a child no, no, no, where does the creativity go?" says the Slovenian beauty. "Whatever he wants to do with his own room he can do it. He draws on the walls, we can paint it over."

Lastly, and the noblest of the parenting tips Melania Trump has up her designer sleeves, she believes in being a hands-on parent. With her current financial status as a billionaire, one would expect that they can easily afford to hire a full-time nanny or some fancy childcare service.

However, that is not the case for Melania's child, as he has and will always be by his mother's side. The latter is proven when Melania refused to pull Barron out of school and insisted on staying by him until the school year ends.

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