Pippa Middleton And Fiance James Matthews’ Wedding Welcomes Kate’s Kids, Not Prince Harry’s Girlfriend Meghan?

Pippa Middleton and her fiance James Matthews' wedding is just around the corner. This means that they have to make concrete decisions on who can attend their big event. As Pippa wants to keep the affair quite small and contained, she has not let out a lot of details about her wedding to the public. But one thing that she has made clear is the role of her sister Kate's kids in the event.

The public got to know that Pippa and James have big roles for Kate Middleton's children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte to fill in their wedding.

"Princess Charlotte – who turns two on 2 May – will walk behind Pippa as bridesmaid, while three-year-old Prince George, will act as a page boy on the big day," reports Elle UK.

"At the tender age of two, Pippa's choice of a toddler to serve as bridesmaid follows in the tradition of her sister who chose three-year-old Eliza Lopes, the Duchess of Cornwall's granddaughter, as her youngest bridesmaid for her royal wedding."
While Pippa and her fiance are not of royal descent, it looks like she wants to make sure she still seems like she is in line with her sister, who will one day be Queen of England.

Prince George also has big shoes to fill on Pippa and James' wedding day, but as always, being a boy means that he has more room to play around.

"We only hope Prince George doesn't make the 'L' shape sign on his forehead at the altar on Pippa's big day, as he did to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last year," reports Elle.

Just weeks to go until her wedding day, the English socialite was seen cycling through London, which she often does during her free time.

"Princess Kate's younger sister was spotted riding her bike near her home in London," reports Daily Mail.

"The sports-loving royal sister rode in style in a belted navy jumpsuit with a fitted tan leather jacket — and, of course, her go-to mock-croc helmet."
That doesn't mean that she is completely stress-free as she approaches her big day. While she and James have been accommodating to Kate's kids, they may be less welcoming toward Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle.

The word on the street is that Pippa and James Matthews are enforcing and old, but strict rule of "no ring, no bring," which, according to Irish Independent, means that one "can only bring a guest if you're married or engaged."

If Meghan Markle were to come, she will have to receive a separate invitation from the couple, which may or may not happen. Seeing how the last wedding Prince Harry's girlfriend attended, all the eyes were on Meghan, Pippa may not want that kind of distraction in May.

The other reason why Pippa may have put this rule in place is so that James' brother Spencer Matthews cannot bring many of his rumored girlfriends to a conservative affair.

"[H]er future brother-in-law, louche reality TV star Spencer Matthews, has been banned from taking any of his squeezes to their Berkshire wedding," reports Daily Mail.

"I don't think he is going to be allowed a plus-one," Made In Chelsea co-star Jamie Laing told the publication.

"I think it's going to be a very private wedding."
Unlike James, Spencer made his name and money through British reality TV, putting his luxurious lifestyle on display for the commoners to enjoy. Because of his career, he has been linked with many different girlfriends over the years.

Check out Spencer in his native habitat!

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