WWE News: Seth Rollins Debuts a New Finisher, No Longer Using Pedigree

After Raw this week, Seth Rollins debuted a potential new finisher that is expected to replace the "Pedigree" now that the rivalry with Triple H is over. WWE officials banned Rollins' "Curb Stomp" finisher shortly after WrestleMania 31. Initially, Seth was the protege of HHH, so he began using his "Pedigree" has a tribute, but Rollins used it out of spite once he was betrayed by Triple H and vowed to use his own finisher against him.

A lot of people didn't feel right about Seth Rollins using Triple H's "Pedigree" as his finisher. It's not that he didn't perform the move well, but his style in the ring and his moveset were so different that using the move as a finisher wasn't the right fit for him. WWE fans loved the "Curb Stomp" because it was new, brutal, and he could perform it on anyone. Most people didn't feel the same way about him using Triple H's "Pedigree."

At WrestleMania 33, Seth Rollins was finally able to use the "Pedigree" against The Game and defeat him in the middle of the ring. He accomplished his goal, and many people assumed Seth would stop using it as his finisher after the conflict with Triple H was over. Those people were right because Rollins recently debuted a potential new finisher during a dark match after this week's edition of Monday Night Raw.

Seth Rollins Has Abandoned the Pedigree
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Many WWE fans believe that Seth Rollins should begin using the "Phoenix Splash" as a finishing maneuver, especially now that he's become a babyface. The move can be quite the sight, and he can hit the move on just about anyone. Some people have suggested that he bring back "God's Last Gift" from his days in ROH and NXT. However, the new move he debuted could be a much better fit for him than either of those ideas.

It's been reported that Rollins debuted a new finisher during a dark main event after Raw this week. The set up is very similar to Kazuchika Okada's "Rainmaker," but Rollins used a high knee to the head rather than a huge clothesline. On paper, it's a strong move for Seth, and it falls into the same design that he would be able to use the move on anyone. It also fits better into his move set, which uses a lot of knee strikes to the head.

After watching him perform the move, the consensus is the unnamed finisher will be much better fit for Rollins than the "Pedigree" ever was for him to end matches. Seth's history of knee problems cannot go unnoticed and using another move will no doubt help those issues. Also, he could use the "high knee" as a way to set up the "Phoenix Splash" or something else if he wanted to finish matches that way instead.

Seth Rollins Has Debuted a New Finisher
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The only concern is the move may not have the "wow factor" to finish matches that most babyfaces need. A lot of performers can get away with turning an average move into something bigger or use a submission for a finisher. However, someone like him could have something more exciting in his bag of tricks as a finishing move instead of just a huge knee to the head, especially when many other guys are doing the same thing.

Seth Rollins may not be using this finisher permanently. He may have just been trying it on to see what kind of reaction it would get from the WWE Universe. There is no question that he will find a new finisher soon, and he will likely debut it over the next few weeks or during his next big match with Samoa Joe at WWE Payback.

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