Is Casey Anthony Pregnant? Report Claims Notorious Mom Is Expecting Again, Hoping For A Girl

Casey Anthony is pregnant again and hoping to have another girl, a report claimed about the notorious mother who beat murder charges for the death of her 3-year-old daughter nearly a decade ago.

Anthony has been thrust back into the spotlight with the airing of a three-part series on Investigation Discovery, Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery. The series has re-hashed her famous 2011 trial for the death of her daughter, Caylee, and introduced never-before-seen interviews and evidence from the investigation.

While Casey Anthony has been mostly avoiding the spotlight in the nearly six years since her trial ended, the popularity of the mini-series has also brought new attention to her private life. The biggest revelation may have come from In Touch Weekly, which claimed that Casey Anthony is pregnant again.

“Casey is pregnant,” a source told the outlet, noting that she is still in the first trimester. “Casey feels like this is her second chance.”

The report claimed that Casey Anthony had been dating a man for close to five months, an “ordinary good-looking guy” who works in construction.

A bit of Casey’s life came out last month, when she gave her first interview in years. The interview, published by Associated Press, revealed that Casey has been living in West Palm Beach in a home with famed investigator Patrick McKenna, who helped get O.J. Simpson acquitted.

“Anthony lives in the South Florida home of Patrick McKenna, a private detective who was the lead investigator on her defense team. She also works for him, doing online social media searches and other investigative work. McKenna was also the lead investigator for OJ Simpson, when he was accused of killing his wife and acquitted; Anthony said she’s become fascinated with the case, and there are ‘a lot of parallels’ to her own circumstances.”

Though there were rumors at the time that Anthony and McKenna could be dating, he would not appear to fit the profile of the man described by the In Touch Weekly source.

That source went on to say that Anthony is ready for the media circus that would come after the news of her alleged pregnancy leaks out.

“Casey knows there will be an onslaught of attention and pubic outcry once people find out that’s pregnant,” the insider claimed. “But she doesn’t care.”

The source also claimed that Casey was hoping to have another girl.

“It’s still too early to find out the gender, but Casey really wants as daughter,” the insider said. “Despite what happened to Caylee, Casey thinks she’s better equipped to raise a girl because she understands them better.”

This is not the only time that Casey Anthony has faced rumors that she is pregnant again. Back in 2013, reports claimed that Casey had found out that she was pregnant and was looking forward to the chance to prove that she could be a good mother. That never came to fruition, as Casey continued living her quiet life in Florida and has never had another child after Caylee.

There have been other revelations dredged up by the new series, including an interview with Casey’s father in which he revealed that he believes Casey indeed killed her daughter. In the interview, George Casey said he believes that Casey killed Caylee with a fatal dose of medication, then attempted to cover up the toddler’s death.

While the reports of her alleged pregnancy have spread, Casey Anthony herself hasn’t spoken about it. After her interview last month with the Associated Press, she has returned to her quiet life in West Palm Beach and made no public appearances. She also declined the chance to appear on Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery.

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