‘My Hero Academia’ Season 2: Izuku And Todoroki's Internal Rivalry May Impact U.A. Sports Festival’s Outcome?

Season 2 of My Hero Academia, popularly called Boku no Hero Academia, premiered last week. The popular Japanese anime jumped right into the highly anticipated U.S. Sports Festival, which is expected to contain a lot of friendly confrontations as young heroes showcase their superpowers and face off in the ultimate showdown.

Last weekend, the second season of My Hero Academia began, and fans of the highly awaited anime series witnessed the efforts put in by the series' protagonist, Izuku Midoriya. Although the series jumped right into the U.A. Sports Festival, it did reveal the rivalry between the two students of Class 1-A, Izuku and Todoroki, reported IGN. Interestingly, the unwarranted competition between the two students may disrupt the class moral and even impact the outcome of the tournament. Given the fact that the winners of the tournament are set to win a lot more than the trophy, it is imperative that the two students get their act straight and play for the team, instead of competing amongst themselves.

Episode 1 and 2 of My Hero Academia have carefully built up the excitement surrounding the competition that is supposed to be friendly, but it may soon get a little uglier. However, as amply indicated throughout the previous season as well, the students of Class 1-A have a lot more to deal with than a few friendly matches. The students of the class had previously defeated the villains that had been causing a lot of trouble at the school during the last season. As expected, besides appreciation, these heroics earned them intense scrutiny from other departments.


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Students from the General Department, who have always wanted to transfer to the Department of Heroics, had openly declared the students of Class 1-A their enemies. Interestingly, winning the U.A. Sports Festival can be their ticket to get transferred to the highly coveted Department of Heroics, and if their rivals continue to bicker among themselves, the General Department's work could become easier.

In the previous episode of My Hero Academia, the dual-powered Todoroki blatantly told Izuku that he will be defeated. This internal competition appears to be way more intense than the Sports Festival. The teaser video for Episode 3 of Boku no Hero Academia shows multiple students trying to dodge obstacles that include giant robots that fire ammunition rounds.

It is clear every student is trying his or her best to win the several rounds in the obstacle course. However, Todoroki, in particular, is competing with such intensity; it is quite possible he may find himself standing against everyone. The third episode of the Season 2 of My Hero Academia is titled "In Their Own Quirky Ways." As the title and the teaser video suggests, the U.A. students will try, in their own unique ways, to beat the course and win the sports event.

However, the U.A. Sports Festival isn't just about clearing the challenges in the shortest possible time or surviving the course, but about competing with other sections that are clearly gaining on the rather lacklustre performance of Class 1-A. It is now imperative that the class puts aside their internal squabbles or ignore their petty differences, and work in unison just like they did when they were defending their school from villains.

[Featured Image by Kohei Horikoshi/My Hero Academia/Viz Media]