April 11, 2017
Gizelle Bryant Slams Ashley Darby’s Marriage Despite Her Own Cheating Ex-Husband

Gizelle Bryant may be the word on the street in Potomac, but it sounds like she's the word on the street in all the wrong ways these days. Bryant is currently making headlines these days, as her Real Housewives of Potomac co-star, Charrisse Jackson Jordan, has served Gizelle with a cease and desist letter. She was tired of hearing Bryant talk about her marriage behind her back. However, it sounds like Bryant may be causing even more trouble for herself, as she's now going after another co-star's marriage.

According to a new Bravo report, Gizelle Bryant is now slamming Ashley Darby's marriage to Michael. While Ashley was a newlywed last year, Darby is now revealing that they are indeed struggling a bit because they decided to open their restaurant. Last year, it was all in the works and this year, they finally managed to open it. Darby admitted that it had been rough on her marriage as they were no longer having a lot of sex and it was truly stressful for them.

Now, Gizelle Bryant is slamming Ashley's marriage because of their obvious age different. Darby has talked about her husband's age and she has revealed that she enjoys the fact that he's older, as he is mature and has plenty of experience. But Bryant couldn't help but throw some stones at Ashley, as she kept talking about having a baby with her husband.

"Oh, wow. I really like Michael, but there's a 30-year age difference. Let's just do the math," Gizelle revealed during her visit to Watch What Happens Live recently, adding, "But I like Michael."

Darby did watch the show and she revealed that it was tough to watch The Real Housewives of Potomac because she told the viewers that her husband had started judging her rather than supporting her. And this was rough for her.

"This is rough to watch," Ashley tweeted, adding, "Mixing business and love ain't easy."

She has talked about her marriage before and she finds herself defending her decision to marry an older man quite frequently. The last thing she needs is Gizelle Bryant judging her as well.

"People ask all the time, 'What do you have in common? You're 29 years apart. He's from a different continent. He's a different race. He has a different political affiliation,'" Darby has told The Daily Dish last year, according to Bravo, adding, "Like, I don't know if you could get any more polarizing than Michael and me, but we have those common characteristics that just bring us together."

"Ashley, Ashley, my little Miss Ashley...honey, that night she was a rambling, hyperactive, boiling hot mess. Her and her big bushy afro went from talking nonsense about nothing to humping and grinding anything walking. I didn't know whether or not she heard me refer to her as a THOT, but it wasn't a secret. Everyone from the bartender to the girl passing out appetizers saw her THOT-ish behavior. I just wanted Ashley to stop talking or stop moving for at least five consecutive seconds. I was getting dizzy just looking at her," Gizelle Bryant wrote in her Bravo blog last year after meeting Darby for the first time.

It is interesting that Gizelle is so vocal about her co-stars' marriages, considering her own ended due to infidelity. Bryant opened up about her cheating ex-husband last year and given everything she has been through, it is odd that she would attack her co-stars' marriages so much.

What do you think of Gizelle Bryant's comments about her co-star's marriage? Do you think she needs to look at her own situation?

[Featured Image by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for KWL]