‘Little Women: LA’ Star Briana Renee Attempts Modeling Career With Sexy Boudoir Photos

Briana Renee has made it clear in past episodes of Little Women: LA that she wants to take her career further. While she has talked about getting a voice coach and starting a singing career, it looks like Briana may have put that dream back on the shelf in exchange for an even bigger one. Briana Renee recently took some really steamy boudoir-style photos in an attempt to start a modeling career. According to TMZ, Briana’s ultimate goal is to get on the cover of Maxim.

Little Women: LA star Briana Renee is only 3 feet 8 inches tall, but that hasn’t stopped her from aspiring to be a model. The reality TV star recently dressed up in super sexy lingerie and posed provocatively for a photo shoot that has Briana looking like a sexpot.

Just like Briana’s singing dreams made their way onto Little Women: LA, it looks like her aspirations to become a famous model may also play out in front of Lifetime viewers. That is apparently something that Briana Renee wants, considering that she’s already cosigned on the TMZ story. Briana posted a screenshot of the story about her sexy modeling photo shoot on Instagram and urged her fans to all go check it out.

News of Briana Renee’s new modeling photos comes on the same night as a brand new episode of Little Women: LA. In it, a sneak peek shows us that Briana and Terra Jole are still feuding pretty hard. Remember that Terra was mad at Briana for trying to steal her Dancing With the Stars thunder by telling everyone they asked her to do the show first.

Well, the competition hasn’t died down between the two women, and Terra claims that Briana went in behind her back at the one Dancing With the Stars performance that she was invited to and tried to steal Terra Jole’s management team.

Briana Renee claims she wasn’t trying to steal Terra Jole’s manager and even Briana’s husband Matt Grundhoffer backed her up by saying she was just looking for information about who the guy might know. Well, now that Briana is releasing these super sexy photos, some fans are left to wonder if Terra Jole will do a photo shoot too as a form of payback for all the lies she claims that Briana has been telling her.

In addition to the drama between Briana Renee and Terra Jole, Briana has also been dealing with her husband Matt Grundhoffer and his dreams to become an MMA fighter. Perhaps, after watching Matt train for a life of MMA fighting, Briana figured there wasn’t a better time to take those sexy pics because, after all, if Matt does become a successful fighter, she could always be his ring girl.

Or she might even end up on the cover of Maxim magazine, which is what Briana Renee says she really wants to happen. The pictures are pretty sexy and have sparked a lot of attention in the few hours that Little Women: LA fans have been able to see them.

Do you think Little Women: LA star Briana Renee has what it takes to become a model and maybe even pose for the cover of Maxim magazine? Sound off in the comments section below.

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[Featured Image by Briana Renee/Instagram]