Learn About Yotme, The Company ‘Southern Charm’ Shep Rose Invests In

While last night’s Southern Charm was perhaps meant as a coming-out party for Landon’s business, Roam-Guide (now renamed without that pesky hyphen) instead, it was an introduction for a company, Yotme, that Southern Charm star Shep Rose has decided to invest in. But what is Yotme and how can Shep fans get in on it?

While Yotme got the ultimate free publicity on Bravo in prime time, they probably would have preferred not to be a part of the spark that caused Landon to sputter a choice selection of four letter words at Yotme investor Shep Rose at Landon’s Roam celebration, says the Inquisitr. And sure, Landon is right, Shep is a trustafarian (pot, meet kettle), but he’s a trust fund guy with an eye for a wise investment, and an MBA, by the way. Landon might be turning her nose up at Shep’s friends and their business, and maybe they only know millionaires and not billionaires, but it looks like Yotme is coming along nicely.

So, Yotme, what is it, who started it, and how can fans get in on using the app? Yotme strives to answer that age old question, where’s the party? Yotme was created by CEO Barry Hinckley, and it makes use of the English word “Yot,” which means to unite closely. Yotme is a facilitator, as it brings like-minded people together.


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Yotme will allow users to reach out to their own peeps to ask “what’s up tonight,” or it allows you to find a new or different crew for the evening. Barry Hinckley was said to have thought of the idea after going through a divorce and realizing that he had lost touch with some old friends. He tried to think of a business application that would reunite people with old friends, and make new ones at the same time.

Barry Hinckley is originally from Maine but has spent most of his professional life in Boston in the tech world. And considering that Yotme is his baby, he explains the app best.

“The idea around YotMe is a more efficient, effective, and impactful way to meet people. You know what I noticed was that a lot of the methods that people used to connect with other people or friendships or networking or potential romance, a lot of the models are personal or really invasive. I also noticed that in life, we all go off a ‘social cliff;’ like when graduating from college and you have a nucleus of friends and then all of sudden you’re all scattered around because of jobs or because you go back home to wherever you’re from, so those kids are not local anymore. Another social cliff would be your job relocating or divorce and changing friend groups. So, what I noticed was that there is an ongoing desire for people to meet people and to become friends at the end of the day. We’re very curious people.”

BostInno has described Yotme as the Airbnb for house parties. Lots of people are not comfortable just popping into a bar. It is being described as a college house party for grownups, but you have control over the guest list.

Well, as many Southern Charm friends would say, Shep seems to know how to find a good party, or at least he seems able to find a fun place, with good drinks and fun people, so obviously, the answer to WWSD is Yotme!

After hearing Shep mention Yotme on Southern Charm, did you check out the app?

[Featured Image by Bravo]