‘Dance Moms’ News: Fans Call Fake On Show’s Latest Competition

As filming for Dance Moms carries on in light of the recent cast shakeup, the remaining stars of the series, led by new coach Cheryl Burke, continue to join competition after competition.

A new one will be featured late in the current season of Dance Moms. It is called Fearless Dance Experience, which the girls will take part in this week at Lawndale in California.

However, the promotional image released for the competition had Dance Moms fans doubting the authenticity and even the existence of such dance contest. The bit that gave it away is the contact number for said competition, which is listed as (123) 456-7890. Some said that they tried calling the number, which ended up being invalid.

This immediately had fans calling fake on the supposed Dance Moms contest, with some even disappointed that Lifetime is not even trying at all when it comes to these things and that it would not even take an eagle-eyed fan to spot the phony number.

The listed website, however, appears to be up and running. It teases “the fearless experience” complete with the details on the various contests that it features, such as an explore solo, a voyager soloist, a pinnacle showdown, an unconquered group showdown and a free master class.

“We have many elements of a traditional talent competition but our FEARLESS special events separate us from the rest.”

The website for the featured Dance Moms competition appears to be freshly made though. For starters, fans who visited it in the wee hours of the announcement claim it did not redirect to anything.

Now that it is actually live, the links to the social media pages of the Fearless Dance Experience have not been updated yet as they all redirect to the accounts of the cloud-based web development platform Wix.

The ever-reliable Dance Moms insider who only goes by the name Beth in social media believes that the competition is not real and was created by producers solely for Dance Moms.

“Someone just pointed out the phone number on my last post I’m screaming… Looks like another fake comp after all – maybe Fierce has changed its name again?”

Unfortunately, this is just the latest in the string of accusations about the series faking. Talks about the show’s pretense have been around since its early years, but cast member Sari Lopez, the mother of mini team dancer Areana, recently came out to add weight to these Dance Moms is a sham reports.

She said that in one instance in Dance Moms Season 7, Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) founder Abby Lee Miller was ordered by the producers to eliminate two minis, something she did not want to do.

This is not the first time a star of the show came clean about this though. Early this year, Radar Online claimed that Dance Moms alum and fan-favorite Maddie Ziegler accused the producers of staging everything.

A promotional image for Dance Moms Season 7 featuring Abby Lee Miller and the cast [Image by Lifetime]

While Dance Moms being called out for being a bogus “reality show” is not totally new to fans (sometimes it is even them who find signs of it), the latest discovery about this purportedly made-up competition is unique and extra destructive in the sense that it was the producers of the long-running series who seemingly let the cat out of the bag.

A fake competition could mean an assured win for the girls and potentially put their previous victories in Dance Moms in a whole new light, although it does not necessarily put their dancing skills in question.

Viewers have witnessed the unparalleled talents of Chloe Lukasiak, Kendall Vertes, Kalani Hilliker, Nia Sioux and Camryn Bridges all throughout Dance Moms, so fake contests or not, fans believe they could win dance competitions without rigging them.

As for the Fearless Dance Experience, fans will know for sure whether or not is just one big fraud come Saturday, April 15, the day the Dance Moms cast members attend it.

[Featured Image by Lifetime]